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Found 24 results

  1. After suddenly being attacked by a mysterious organization, university student Nagisa Kujo wakes up in an unknown laboratory. She hears the voice of a woman named Mitsuki inside her head who tells her that she’s been captured and must escape. When Nagisa presses the button on her belt, she finds herself instantly clad in combat gear. With her newfound psychokinetic power, Nagisa fights to stop the evil assassination organization, Shalldark!
  2. I'm a monster hunter that just captured vampire Nameru! …but now I'm lost in the forest! And the technique I used to capture Nameru is getting weaker! I have to escape before that technique completely runs out of power! [H Events] - Get wrapped up in tons of H trouble, and find lots of lewd treasure boxes! - Enjoy fantasy ero with tentacles, slimes, and more! - Teach a cheeky loli vampire a lesson with hardcore rape! - Enjoy the changes in Nameru as she slowly becomes pleasure-corrupted!
  3. Foresia, a high elf and resident of the Spirit Tree Forest, has been cursed. After her village was attacked by monsters and she was sold into sexual slavery, Foresia managed to escape with the help of a spirit. Though she was free, she's now assailed by constant sexual desires... At first her body wouldn't stop twitching, but after making her way to the town of Crossraven and training herself by becoming an adventurer, she's become somewhat better at controlling her lust...
  4. Ivan

    Dark of Chroe

    Deep in a dark, secluded forest, there stands a temple to the God of Cock. There, the figure of the giant cock of the God Kurobikari awaits its worshippers. It is said a monster that can make all wishes realities lurks in this sacred place. Knight Chroe steps foot on these unholy grounds in hopes of freeing herself of the dog's curse afflicting her. Of course, she doesn't yet realize that wishes will only be granted with "adequate compensation"...
  5. Ivan

    Dickdown Duel

    DICKDOWN DUEL is an erotic cardgame featuring animated Live2d opponents. You can destroy the girls clothes, equip them with lewd items such as Ball gags, Lewd crests, Nipple Rings, and Blindfolds, and fuck them silly in the arena. Collect the various lewd win conditions such as mating press or tentacles with a lovely cast of 3 girls. Receive cute and lewd photos from the girls as you progress and reach certain goals.
  6. A huntress girl Azel finally arrived there in the end of her path of pursuit of the evil creature that etched lewd emblems on her body. Now she is about to step into Niplheim, often referred as the last defense wall against the incoming calamity, or that is to say, into the front line of the survival competition between the mankind and the creatures...
  7. ★★★A virtual experience where you use whatever method you can to discipline a stuck up woman! The well-received ASMR vocal drama, "NTR Discipline!? I Went After a Stuck Up Woman, But I Never Expected...!" has has its situations powered up, with Live2D and status parameters in this multi-ending simulation game version! ★The stuck up woman squirms in Live2D animation! The stuck up woman reacts to your stimulation with Live2D animation wholly created with realism and immersion in mind! Kissing, oral, breast groping, nipple stimulation, face slapping, breast slapping, e
  8. Ivan

    NTR Assistant

    A pseudo-experience game where you can pay a female assistant to do as you wish!
  9. Our protagonist is an ordinary schoolgirl named Ricoche. However, she does have a unique hobby...masturbating all around the school after class is out. One day, she's about to be caught orgasming in the men's washroom when...she is suddenly summoned to the elven kingdom!? The elves are under attack by the orcs in this world, and she is to be their savior! However, Ricoche isn't even good at PE. How is she supposed to help against burly orcs? As she soon comes to realize, she can defeat the orcs by making them cum. Yes, her biggest weapon is her hot body! Can she save the elves
  10. In a certain empire, the tyrant Eliade reigned, known as the “Evil Empress” for her brutal and inhumane reign of terror. Her reign, which seemed to last forever, ends with a coup attempt by the Empress. The only two options given to the tyrant empress are ‘execution’ or ‘carnal act’.
  11. Ivan

    NTR Knight

    The protagonist and Artel have had feelings for each other since they were young, but Artel leaves without expressing her feelings in order to join the knight order, which was her dream. However, for a certain reason, Artel, the childhood friend, returns to the protagonist’s training school as a teacher.
  12. Ivan

    Working Sakuya

    Sakuya starts off inexperienced, but gradually improves her techniques... Keeps your hands off her for a while, and her lust will be uncontrollable...
  13. Sakura Tsukisaka is in the locker room after classes one day when she is captured by someone. Blindfolded and gagged, she is imprisoned in the gym's storage room. Plied with aphrodisiacs, her body grows more sensitive and she is subjected to unending pleasure torture.
  14. Ivan


    "Saionji Kaori" is a spy that works for an intelligence agency. She was a young and talented spy, helping to make the world a better place. "Justice" was her calling. And she also had another mission, to find her missing "friend".   One day, she gets some intel on her friend, but then...
  15. During her journey to subjugate the Demon King, the hero Alicia wears a ring as a trophy. Then, suddenly, a lewd mark is carved on her abdomen, and her body becomes so sensitive that even the friction of her clothes makes her cum. She tried to take off the ring, but no matter what he did, she couldn't take it off. "Maybe I should just cut off her fingers..." "No, you can't... then I won't be able to wear my wedding ring with him." Alicia had a fiancé whom she planned to marry once the demon king was defeated. However, in such a state, it was no longer a matter of subjugati
  16. In the year 20XX, the illegal organization “Onahole Factory” was founded behind the scenes…… The “Onahole Factory”, which abducted women and used them as Onholes, was founded. Although this “Onahole Factory” that is very “friendly” to men is illegal, the number of factories has mushroomed day by day, and now there is countless number of them. To drive out all those factories, a female-only fighting organization called the OLS organization was born. The organization is made up of victims of the Onahole factories and women who hate men. The main character(Kurusikawa Rei) has a s
  17. The male protagonist is troubled by the inability to have comfortable sex with his girlfriend. The person he turns to for help is the gentle older sister living next door, named "Maina". One day, our troubled protagonist accidentally wandered into the neighbor's room, overwhelmed by his worries. With the caring support of a gentle older sister figure, he opened up about his troubles —specifically, the difficulty he was having sex with his girlfriend. Little did he expect that the kind older sister would take it upon herself to provide him with coaching on improving his H sk
  18. The male protagonist is into the female lead but can't muster the courage to speak up. After finally managing to set up a date with her at an izakaya, he still can't find the bravery to confess. Unable to bear it any longer, the female lead, Mizuki, suggesting they go a sex club together?!
  19. Orphaned and poverty-stricken, Francoise was a survivor who worked the rough job of a ranger, until the royal hand called on her to the castle... In the first half of the story, Francoise becomes a holy knight, embattled and sometimes harassed as her days progress. In the second half of the story, she achieves her goal, but in spite of her status Francoise is violated and sexually corrupted.
  20. The world of Ecstasia. Here, monsters and humans live peacefully in their own lands. One day, however, a powerful succubus named "Lulu" appears, proclaiming herself Monarch of the Monster Kingdom and shattering that peace. Shuri, the only daughter of the former Demon King, is the sole monster looking for the opportunity to overthrow Lulu and take back the Monster Kingdom. Much time passed as she waited until finally a "Hero" from the Human Kingdom appeared and a light of hope glimmered into existence. This hero possessed a unique skill - the more he fucks, the stronger he
  21. A world where the “primordial monster” that created monsters was destroyed. But the damage caused by the remnants of the monsters continued. Eury, who became a new cyborg girl, was sent to the notorious “Tengen Street” for her first solo mission. Can Eury accomplish her mission? She is tainted by the men of the city, but mistaken for a “new type of sexaroid”. Because of that, Eury, who visited the city for her mission, found that sexaroids for improving public order were widespread in Tengen Street.
  22. Nanako is working part-time as a delivery girl to pay for her college tuition, One day, a hacker suddenly appeared and took advantage of her and started a naughty delivery job. She started working as a naughty delivery girl, using a special bicycle with a rotor attached to it, Isn’t it really a lie that you can get 200,000 yen for one delivery? What is the purpose of the hacker?
  23. The stuck up woman reacts to your stimulation with Live2D animation wholly created with realism and immersion in mind! Kissing, oral, breast groping, nipple stimulation, face slapping, breast slapping, electric massager, electric shocks... Ear licking, blowjobs... A multitude of methods to discipline the stuck up woman! Of course, intercourse is also possible! Employ various methods according to your desire, and thoroughly discipline her...!
  24. Nanako is working part-time as a delivery girl to pay for her college tuition, One day, a hacker suddenly appeared and took advantage of her and started a naughty delivery job. She started working as a naughty delivery girl, using a special bicycle with a rotor attached to it, Isn’t it really a lie that you can get 200,000 yen for one delivery? What is the purpose of the hacker?
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