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Sexy Demon Transformation!

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My name is Ashiya Yamato.
I am a genius exorcist whose job is the cleansing of demons.
That's not something that can be revealed to the outside world, though, so no one knows about it.
With the spread of civilization, demons have been reduced in size, and are about as dangerous as bugs,
but I have containers in which I can collect them... because I have been disgraced!
She, Asuka, dared to snatch the position of Boss, greatest leader of the exorcists, away from the one
it should have belonged to - me!

No matter. I will recover what was stolen from me.
The possession abilities obtained from the demons, and the demon cleansing powers of the exorcists -
once combined, nothing is impossible!

That's right, with a myriad monsters under my command, I will have no trouble ravaging Asuka!
Once pregnant, her spiritual power will be reduced, and she will fall from the position of Boss!

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I downloaded the game and extracted the files but when I start the game I get a security warning telling me that there's a back door Trojan in the files. I remove the Trojan and deleted the files but I want to ask if this will be fixed or if it's nothing I should be worried about?

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    • The Kingdom of Agrariel is a land of elves surrounded by forests.
      A nation ruled by female High Elves for generations, including the current Queen Ephildis.
      It's no exaggeration to say that it's one of the centers of the world, with its outstanding power and influence on the surrounding areas.

      Behind the prosperity of the elves, there was a strictly controlled law of breeding.
      The elves are known for their longevity, but they are not free to procreate as they please.
      They would go to a place called the Shrine of Life when their bodies were mature enough to bear children.
      At this time, a ritual is performed under the supervision of the High Elves to give them new life while the gods descend.

      The ritual is so sacred that only a few High Elves know of its reality.
      The mating rituals of other races are for beasts, not for elves.
      It is considered extremely dirty and forbidden to touch each other without permission or to seek pleasure.
      For this reason, many elves are unaware of their true nature. ......
    • King knew prophecy about extreme disaster, the king asked men's to be a solder to prevent the disaster
      However he was not able to find a true solder among applicants
      He chose gratin and parsley because they stated until the last
      The king gave them a mission to avoid the disaster and big money for the mission

      The two were chosen to be a brave solder but
      parsley who is responsible invest the city near castle, called Frankfurt to accomplish the mission
      gratin got money from king and run away

      parsley found the suspected source of extreme disaster
      Parsley went back to the castle with gratin to told that we will destroy the source

      When they went, a man was begging the king to find his son's couple in forest
      The king realized that many cased of abduction happened recently.

      Parsley went to the forest with Gratin to resolve the missing case

      They didn't know they were involved in a big fight
    • Shortly after the rumor that the kingdom was overthrown...
      Monsters sprawled across the land. The demon king has assumed power.

      In these times of peril everyone did their best to live a normal life.
      For Batz the Thief today was another day of pillaging and sneakery.

      One day he learned that monsters were hoarding a treasure in a mountain cave.
      He only meant to steal the treasure, but ended up saving a battle maiden.
      Graciously she offered him thanks, and being something of a deviant
      she rewarded his escalating perverted demands...

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