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  1. Yosssssh.. site found... thank you very much, Avenger ,Maoh... working on it....
  2. I see I see... thanks but where I can get OSTealer? The keyword search doesn't give me the program, but STEALER instead. arrghh... I cant visit g.e-hentai.org.. somehow I keep getting blank page with only word "it's Works!"
  3. ou...i see... thank you for the reply... but I didn't know about OSTealer yet... where I can download it? the keyword doesn't give me any result... well actually I have the cg except for the sprite and I want to extract it by myself... hmmm I'm a bit perfectionist... hics...hics.. by the way did anyone know where I can get the information or program to extract the HCG for the 2014 or newer games...? since I only found forum that talk about older game and program or it's just me.....
  4. I want to extract CG, music, voice and standsprite from [Tigre Soft] Reminiscence Re:Collect ( レミニセンス Re:Collect ), the file extension is .arc I had use Crass and Extract Data without success, did anyone know how or what's the compatible program to extract it? Thank you very much...
  5. kazemiya

    Slave Witch April

    wowww.. thank you very muccccch.....
  6. kazemiya

    Guilty - The SiN

    Wow... Thank qiu very muuuuuch....
  7. kazemiya

    Chou Dengeki Stryker

    ah.. by the way is there any Hiruko's ending here?
  8. hooo.. horror and madness.. is there any tentacle/monster rape here?
  9. kazemiya

    Koi iro Chu! Lips

    hee~ttooo~ sorry... is the bug had been fixed?
  10. kazemiya

    Sexy Demon Transformation!

    Wwwwouughh.... Finally... Thank qiuuu very muccccch...
  11. kazemiya

    Lapis Gunner

    dum..dum.. syala..syala.. eteee? Are?... Tentacle? Yosh...! download..download...download... another tentacle collection added..
  12. kazemiya

    Armored Warrior Iris

    yoooshh... download download download... working on it...
  13. kazemiya

    Warrior Princess Asuka

    Yesss... another tentacle game Moreee tentacle , pleaseeee~ nyam nyam... I'm damn hungryyy:o
  14. kazemiya

    Soul Link

    wow, I like this game, I had downloaded it since last year, but I'm just playing recently... hehehe... becoz I just know Soul Link is created by Navel. Yeah u right, Phantsm, during sex the protagonist is always take a great care to the girl he choose... well..we choose actually , that's why I like most of their games But the Bad Ending is soooooo much... this is crazy... yes... I depend on the walkthrough to solve this problem .... yeeehaaaa.... so noprobs. Mwahahaha....
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