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Shameful Doctor Game and the Horizontal Bar Girl

  • Language: English (MTL)

Natsuki is an energetic girl who lives with her young mother. Natsuki has just moved to a new house and has no friends yet, so she talks to a pedophile who enjoys groping girls on a park bench.
She talks to a pedophile man who enjoys groping girls on a park bench without knowing what he is doing.

Natsuki follows the pedophile to his house and plays with him.
On the other hand, Natsuki’s mother is so absorbed in playing with boys that she never comes home and abandons her children… Natsuki is lonely and goes to the pedophile man’s house every day.

One day, Natsuki goes to the man’s house, but the man is not home, so Natsuki enters the house without permission.
While watching pornographic DVDs on the TV monitor in the man’s room, Natsuki begins to masturbate.

However, the pedophile man was watching Natsuki’s masturbation with a hidden camera in another room…

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