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Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain

  • Language: English, Chinese

After a thousand-year nap sealed deep inside a mountain, the diabolical demon queen Karin herself is about to be unleashed once more!

Meanwhile, the young adventurer Kazuto is in serious trouble. When his whole party quits on him at once, his future prospects in the trade look bleak.
But just when all hope appears lost, he receives a helping hand from... the demon realm?!

This mysterious lady refers to herself as Fuu—she leads him to a dungeon hidden beneath Mt. Giou, where he finds himself face to face with Karin, the demon queen of legend.
Kazuto loses a bet to her, and before he knows it, he’s entrusted with the lofty task of managing the entire dungeon, with absolutely no strings attached!
...Not the merest fiber of the meagerest thread!

Expand your budding labyrinth, and strengthen your squads of fearsome (and cute) demons!
Build amenities to shake intruders down for cash, then send them packing with well-placed traps and bosses!
Cozy up to your sexy and stalwart companions, and maybe a few dungeon-delving adventurers...!

If you plan well and fight hard, you might learn Karin's secrets...?
Make a majestic lair that's worthy of your dear devilish despot!
Or find love, peace, and happiness with someone else along the way.

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Amen to that. Shin and Sengoku Koihime all the way.

For anyone who is having a problem with Window's anti-virus (Using Window 10) deleting the game launcher thus making you unable to play the game here is a simple guide to fix that. The anti-virus will say it detected a trojan, it's a false positive as I'm running the game with no problems, the only other game I had to do this with that I can recall was Monster Girl Club Bifrost. When I say select it means left click. Picture guide with each step for those who are technologically challenged.

1) Right click Window/Start icon, click "Settings" https://puu.sh/HUvQM/06a534a792.png

2) Select "Update & Security" https://puu.sh/HUvQL/042a56c16c.png

3) On the left side of all the menu tabs, select "Windows Security" https://puu.sh/HUvQO/fec91b92a6.png

4) Select "Virus & threat protection" https://puu.sh/HUvQN/6ecd898f77.png

5) A new window will open, under the bold title "Virus & threat protection settings", select "Manage settings" https://puu.sh/HUvQP/8230f78301.png

6) Scroll down until you see in bold "Exclusions", select "Add or remove exclusions" https://puu.sh/HUvQR/31f8977656.png

7) If you have your own Folder/SSD/External Hard Drive where you keep all your visual novels, add said folder/memory device into the exclusion. If you do it by file, you literally are going to have to do each visual novel title/game one by one if your PC is deleting the launcher due to that false positive scan. https://puu.sh/HUvQQ/18fada8b9c.png

If the launcher is still missing, just reinstall the game, click skip files to skip all the files that are already downloaded, now said launcher should be installed and not be self deleted IF you added said file/folder into your Exclusions as stated above. You also might get a notification from Windows saying it needs to restart because it detected a trojan virus which is a false positive, it is the game launcher which is 100% safe. You do NOT need to restart your PC.

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