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  1. I just can't to recruit her. I beat her 7 times but I still can't get her
  2. Man, I'm still waiting for Shin Koihime Musou. Hope I'm still alive to play the english patch
  3. https://erogegames.com/galaxy-angel-2-zettai-ryouiki-no-tobira-711/ The link is dead. Can I ask for Reupload?
  4. Can I ask for Re upload? The file is not found
  5. Okay, so apparently, in gold version there's a Majikoi character. It's Seiso. You know, the one with double personality and want to conquer the world. To get her, you nwed to install the 1.03b1 patch. The one released few weeks ago is version 1.03c1, it's the newest version. I dont know why they dont include seiso patch, but you can download it and get her. Of course her story still in japan, but the rest will stay in english. Only seiso in japan GOLD Update History - Eiyuu*Senki Wiki Just sscroll down and download the 1.03b1 patch and you can get seiso
  6. Adopted. I can tell she's saying nee-san from the voice. This game has voice, if you don't know. Other than that, the translation uses too much western slang. Heck, I need to search it on google to understand. Some character speak in a unique accent and they make it look ridiculous Screenshot-32 — ImgBB Screenshot-31 — ImgBB Some example. Geronimo speaks slowly, but they translate it to Yoda language. If you played the first game, you'll realize that the translation makes the character totally different At this point, I only read the main character text to understand the story and
  7. The translation kinda disappointing, why use dearest for nee-san? Why translate tsumugari no tachi to imperial blade? Why Seimei way of speaking so weird?
  8. If possible I want the patch only.
  9. what's the difference between this Majikoi and the old majikoi?
  10. Recently I've been playing old VN. Thing is, I can't run it on fullscreen For example Bunny Black and first Imouto Paradise. Anyone know how to make it fullscreen?
  11. Thx for the info.
  12. Btw where can I find the first and second game?
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