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  2. Black_Lotus

    Asdivine Saga

    NANI!? Not hentai!? Then what's the uncensored tag for?
  3. Black_Lotus

    Asdivine Saga

    only 81 MB. First time I see JRPG game this small. How long is the gameplay?
  4. I can't find this on VNDB so I'm sharing the link to steam. I don't usually play puzzle VN, because I prefer reading tons of text rather than thinking how to solve puzzle. But I'll try this one, the synopsis sounds interesting.
  5. The game concept is good, Story is good. Great game. But I noticed something. When I play RPG (RPG Maker game), and the BGM catch my interest, I will immediately decrypt the BGM folder. I listened to it and found one BGM that really familiar. There's Koihime Musou BGM inside.
  6. I watched the anime but haven't play the VN yet. The VN I'm searching now are more to mecha combat. Fight between robot or using robot. also fine
  7. I remember playing super robot wars on NDS, I think the second game still not translated. Exceed I think I wanted to play Sakura Taisen but always forgot to download it. My next game I guess. Too bad only the first game is translated. And the new released game Sakura Wars is only for PS 4.
  8. So far mecha vn I've played are: Demonbane Baldr sky & Baldr Force Muv-Luv series Ace academy Sunrider Galaxy angel (Not really mecha, but I'll include it) Full Metal Daemon Muramasa (Currently playing) I think this is all mecha I can remember.
  9. Black_Lotus

    Idol Manager

    Ehh, sorry to ask this but, where am I supposed to put the mod? And how to turn it on?
  10. Black_Lotus

    Idol Manager

    Whoa, Thx for telling me.
  11. Black_Lotus


    BR latest version is 11
  12. Black_Lotus

    Koikatsu Sunshine

    Oh, sorry didn't notice that. For R2 will it a new separate file like patch or download all from the beginning? If it's a separate file maybe I should download this now
  13. Black_Lotus

    Koikatsu Sunshine

    Is this R1 or R2?
  14. Been waiting for this. Really like mecha eroge
  15. Hmmm.....maybe also add MTL on tittle so people can know. I personally try to avoid MTL game if possible
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