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  1. Is no one translating this Series?
  2. Black_Lotus

    White Album 2

  3. You sir are the hero this world need
  4. Wow thanks a lot. Now I just need to find download link that's still alive
  5. Any good NTR eroge Something like Netorare type A or B but not C. Just recently played this. Any other eroge that similar like this? I'm planning to play Mayumi and Marina record also Former Delinquent Wife Hinako.
  6. So I can find the first and the third game but seems like 2 is not here. Looks like because the engine is different and translating it is hard. So I check VNDB and find the link to the translator page. Seems like they release the english patch version 1, but it's only available for member. Here.
  7. Ah, I was searching it by the Jap And romanji title. Since vndb doesn't provide the english tittle. Looks like my new year request got fulfilled faster than I thought
  8. First of all. Happy New Year. Hope you guys enjoy 2021. Anyway, I was searching random VN on VNDB and found two VN that I can't seem to find here. I can request 2 right? First is Moto Yankee Tsuma Hinako ~Shinshin Tomo ni Kanzen Netori!~ Second is Tsumamigui 3 Both VN has unofficial english patch.
  9. Black_Lotus

    White Album 2

    There's a Infidelity tag for this VN? I Thought White Album is pure romance story
  10. Black_Lotus

    The Genesis Order

    Is this series good? I'm not really a fan of this style of game. How's the story?
  11. I assume that this Ferris is the woman with purple hair on the cover. But why a harem tag? She will be surrounded by female adventurers? So it's yuri? Or surrounded by male adventurers? Reverse-harem?
  12. good thing I don't need to win the mahjong. I'm suck at tMahjong. Even at Yakuza I never touch the mahjong mini-game
  13. The male is Shota isn't it. Dammit, I was hoping for an adult male, or at least a high school boy. Why summer vacation game always a shota character?
  14. Oh man, I'm in dilemma. I love elf, but I don't really like Orc. I don't mind human x orc, but elf. Hmmm, I want to play it because there are elf but....the orc
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