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The Creamy Result of Hypnotizing my Loud Stepmom and Honor Student Stepsister

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  • See also:

    • Kazuma is a student and a successor of traditional martial arts. But he, who doesn't train hard, is sent to an isolated island where a god of martial arts is believed to live. Kazuma meets Tomoe, a god of martial arts, there and she tells him that she will give him a hard training. "But I'll get your energy in return...." Like this, his erotic training begins....
    • What do you know about goblins?

      They're mischievous, immoral little creatures, the lowest of the low when it comes to monsters. They're quite easily dealt with. They're often used as a means for adventurers to measure their strength. They're just goblins, after all.

      This continent, too, is infested with the things.

      However, it is also home to an abundance of life from every race. They've formed communities and generally live together in peace. Peace breeds softness, however, and nothing is softer than the body of a beautiful female adventurer...


      Pillage, rape, and reproduce...

      That's all that goblins think about, and this age of peace is the perfect time for them to strike. Nobody knew just how much influence the goblin threat would have on the continent, however...

      Unbeknownst to most in the civilized world, goblins lurked at the gates.
      Why not peer into their world?
    • A village is thrown into chaos by the opening of the abyss, unleashing demons upon the world.

      A skilled adventure by the name of Zeno sets out to investigate the village, only to be reduced back to Level 1 by a demon.

      However... things didn’t end there. What adventures await Zeno? Find out in Dungeon Town!
    • In a regional city in the present day, Sayaka Mimuro manages her family's Shinto shrine on behalf of her absent parents. Along with her childhood friend Haru and a talking furball (rabbit?) god, she lives a peaceful life, but when an earthquake strikes, aggressive spirits suddenly appear and her world is torn apart.

      Sayaka receives divine tidings that the only one who can save the city is herself—she's actually an Onmyoji with the power to vanquish spirits! However, in order to unlock her powers, she must first perform certain rituals with a man...

      "...If I'm the only one who can do it, then I guess I have no choice!"

      Sayaka is bewildered to say the least, but her natural sense of justice gives her the resolve to fight...

      "There is only one person I can ask to do this and that's you, Haru... Please?"

      With no one else to turn to, Sayaka asks a confused Haru to be the male partner she needs for her rituals. With his help, Sayaka finally unlocks her battle-princess powers to wage war on the spirits that ravage her city...
    • The main character has given up his dream of becoming an entertainer in a half way.
      At the small entertainment agency where he was hired because of his friendly personality, he was assigned a job of training and promoting a new idol.
      However, the way a new idol takes is not an easy one, and things don't go well.
      The hands of the demon, who is the head of a large advertising agency, approach to the heroine.

      The idol who don't have much clutches even at straws.
      If she has bad results, she tries to remain as an idol 'whatever it takes'.
      Of course that, can be hided from you.

      If you go with your pure love, or you will have your love taken by the demon... it's up to you.
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