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  1. Is this game better than the hundreds of games with the exact same premise or why would itspecificaly be worth watching?
  2. How is this one so far compared to Ridle Joker?
  3. What exactly makes this game worth waiting for? The description makes it sound like the story is going to be an absolute clusterfuck in which ill have no idea wtf is going on. It does not inspire any desire to play this one.
  4. Vulkandrache

    Blazing Aries

    If there is sex (and i assume there is) its not before the first boss. So far this is pretty good action combat. The jump wasnt useful yet and the counter is weird. The normal enemies do not attack often enough to use it and the first boss is not really set up to stay close for too long. What i would complain about are the invisible invisible walls in the boss fight and the hitbox of his charge attack. I would also like some sort of feedback if i get hit. You just lose hp, thats it. No sound or anything. Is also weird how the game uses sort of 2.5D but the at
  5. I dont deal well with overly dramatic stories. The only 3 "non-fluff" VNs ive read were the original Bible black (pretty good), Saya no Uta (extremely boring, had it been longer i wouldnt have finished) and Sakura no Mori Dreamers (did not finish; quit ~2/3 trough; not because of the gore). Which of these 3 would you say comes closest? I did not read the spoiler.
  6. I did not think id ever see this but have here a VN without textspeed options.
  7. The combination of description and tags sound slike this could be a decent mix of comedy and serious story. Anyone played this already?
  8. Vulkandrache


    Btw why does this game have 7k views compared to the few 100 most other games get?
  9. Vulkandrache

    Atelier Agnes

    I assume this not an official Atelier series game?
  10. Is this in any way a legit detective game? As in you actualy need to pay attention and solve something as the player.
  11. Vulkandrache

    Icing -Love Coating-

    Steam tell me its not available in my region. And i also cant find it manualy on steam
  12. Vulkandrache

    Last Devil

    This game has the most arkward controls ive ever seen. Promps are for a controler. The movement keys are locked to wasd with no rebind options. And there is a noticeable delay between clicking the mouse and the attack coming out.
  13. Vulkandrache

    Kimagure Temptation

    Somehow the screenshots are at odds with the description. Is this supposed to be a darker story or a comedy?
  14. Vulkandrache

    Love Sweets!

    Lets do half-siblings as a compromise?
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