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  1. Vulkandrache

    Trap Genesis

    Upon seeing the "male only" tags i was confused for a moment. The description just didnt sound like that.
  2. This one makes https://erogegames.com/downloads/eroge/hypno-training-my-mother-and-sister-r558/ look good.
  3. You dont have to play the second one if you dont like it, but asking for a skip is not nice. But i wont be playing these here anyway. I have this series on standby on my harddrive in jap to use as pratice soon.
  4. Vulkandrache

    Love Tavern

    Have erotic games arived in the mainstream or what is with this deluge of cheap fast-food games lately? This feels like it could have been made by BigFishGames.
  5. Vulkandrache

    Primal x Hearts 2

    Sounds like the second game is exactly the same as the first one. Any recommendation as to which is better if i only want to do one?
  6. Half of these questions dont even get answered properly. And call me what you want. I was able to predict what the inside of the Pillar would look like well in advance. For the rest there was far too little information given to make anything but vague guesses. Its not like the story isnt interesting. But its not some mindblowing revelation of storytelling. At some point i was hoping Fia to be some form of a old artificial god. But that doesnt work in the context of the universe Eushully has created with these games. That would throw the entire worldbuilding out the window. My Wind ne
  7. I have the music disabled. I could not stand it getting quiet everytime someone talked. I only played Himegari for an hour because at the time that was the limit of the translation. The big problem with the Elementals in Kamidori was their low statcap which made them useless past the first half. But that problem is in Amayui too. All 4 of them are crap. The stone one is only good for early game mining but even that is done with a single mining bracelet. Wind is the first flying unit. That has some use. And a healer is always ok. Its just a shame that spaming potions makes the healers n
  8. That is interesting. Can you elaborate why? I have not played more than an hour of Himegari so i cant compare much but i would say Kamidori does most things better than Amayui.
  9. An extra comment for anyone wondering about the MTL. The translation of the main story is fine. In the last 2 chapters there are a few sentences that are spotty but nothing overly cringe. However it seems that some of the NG+ and EX content has not translated been at all. Starting with chapter 3 there was one event labeld BUG in the fort and the first NG+ map in the Heavens Fall area has its intro text in Japanese. Sadly im not proficient enough yet to even get the basics of whats being said. While i dont mind a decent MTL i might have put this game on hold had i known that beforehand.
  10. The game determines the RNG at the start of a turn. If you want another outcome you need to reload one turn earlier. Maxing out everything as soon as you are technicaly able to do so seem like a big waste of time. Especialy if you can get 4-6 times the amount of drops for the same efford later on. Heck. I broke down most of my equipment just to make the list smaller. What do you mean with building 5 of something for the purpose of upgrading? With the upgrades using universal currency you can break down whatever you want. At the start of the second playthrough some enemies drop 6 of
  11. If you know you are a completionist then you know what you are getting into. I would not hold that against this game in particular. Its not the first game to do this. Its not even the first Eushully game to do this. Even in Kamidori i didnt bother completing the crafting list. And realisticaly im only using 2 weapons on each character. I leveled those. The Armor itself seems to be of negligible impact past the highest defense. Im sure you are expected to simply camp monster portals once you have those online. Assuming you have chars that can oneshot the enemy youd gain huge amount
  12. For how cheap this seems it has a stellar rating on VNDB.
  13. Does this game really not have the option to turn of the music getting quiet during voicelines?
  14. Vulkandrache

    Sugar * Style

    I give up. Ive played the Kaname route until shortly after the confession. I wanted to play a bit more to see wether atlest the sex scenes are useable but i cant. This game is is so mindnumbingly boring in every aspect. Its like someone wanted to make a young adult romance story in VN form and went with the safest option at every corner.
  15. Vulkandrache

    Rance Quest Magnum

    How does this compare to/stack up against Sengoku Rance? I played that game for a while long ago then gave up because its not good.
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