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  1. Vulkandrache

    Curse Errant

    You never know whats behind the next click. It could be a multi-battle sequence, it could be the end of the chapter. Save before any battle. Save after a battle. Save before starting any event. Save after any event. Save before redoing your party setup. Save before doing more than basic crafting. One thing these games do right is that savings takes barely a second with proper hotkeys and menu layout. And with the same proper layout there is no reason to not use a new slot every time. The only reason we got used to saving over
  2. Vulkandrache

    Curse Errant

    There is no reason to even have a limit on saveslots. Its not 1985, we arent limited to 255 pacman levels. Ive had multiple Eushully games in which the several hundred saveslots werent enough.
  3. Is this whats meant when someone is taking the piss?
  4. Vulkandrache

    Aiyoku no Eustia

    I didnt even know this still had someone working on a translation.
  5. I wasnt exactly expecting much from this and i still didnt finish it. This has got to be one of the worst VNs ive ever read. The "story" is a nonexistent excuse for some rape scenes. The dialogue is stiff. And the scenes have so much wrong with them. Penises disappear at impossible angles, the jiggle physics look dreadful, the background moans can thankfully be turned of, the squelching sounds really add flair to the bad ambience. Ontop of that most of the scenes feel like lazy copies of each other. After the first i was skipping forward for several
  6. Vulkandrache

    Tokyo Necro

    Can someone explain to me what kind of BS this is supposed to be? The game opens into an "options menu" that was outdated 20 years ago before launching. You then get some MsDos interface into an unskipable cutscene. The game doenst even have the decency of being killable with altf4, you have to use task manager. Was this made as a VN joke?
  7. Vulkandrache

    Otome * Domain

    Ive read for a bit over an hour now until the scene right after getting the spices for Yuzu. So far this looks like its going to be incredibly stupid in a good way.
  8. Vulkandrache

    AURA: Hentai Cards

    How the heck are there still VNs being released without a textspeed option? I thought we got past that decades ago.
  9. I did not expect a game that came out that recently to have such a bad UI. And the combat is slow, clunky and overloaded with animations you have to wait on.
  10. Im trying to remember what VB is but i cant come up with anything. But this seems to be a nice longish Hentai RPG similar to Eushully's games. Thats gonna be nice for the winter.
  11. Gears of Dragoon ive known about for a while but suddenly what looks to be the second game gets translated first. Im confused.
  12. Vulkandrache

    Gore Screaming Show

    I should not and i probably won't but can someone compare this to Sakura no Mori for me?
  13. I managed to get 10 minutes into the story before i had to take a break. This is so completely dumb in all the right ways.
  14. If this is half a funny as Sankaku Ren'ai its worth playing.
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