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  1. Vulkandrache


    Btw why does this game have 7k views compared to the few 100 most other games get?
  2. Vulkandrache

    Atelier Agnes

    I assume this not an official Atelier series game?
  3. Is this in any way a legit detective game? As in you actualy need to pay attention and solve something as the player.
  4. Vulkandrache

    Icing -Love Coating-

    Steam tell me its not available in my region. And i also cant find it manualy on steam
  5. Vulkandrache

    Last Devil

    This game has the most arkward controls ive ever seen. Promps are for a controler. The movement keys are locked to wasd with no rebind options. And there is a noticeable delay between clicking the mouse and the attack coming out.
  6. Vulkandrache

    Kimagure Temptation

    Somehow the screenshots are at odds with the description. Is this supposed to be a darker story or a comedy?
  7. Vulkandrache

    Love Sweets!

    Lets do half-siblings as a compromise?
  8. That might be reason enough to give this a try.
  9. Vulkandrache

    Trap Genesis

    Upon seeing the "male only" tags i was confused for a moment. The description just didnt sound like that.
  10. This one makes https://erogegames.com/downloads/eroge/hypno-training-my-mother-and-sister-r558/ look good.
  11. You dont have to play the second one if you dont like it, but asking for a skip is not nice. But i wont be playing these here anyway. I have this series on standby on my harddrive in jap to use as pratice soon.
  12. Vulkandrache

    Love Tavern

    Have erotic games arived in the mainstream or what is with this deluge of cheap fast-food games lately? This feels like it could have been made by BigFishGames.
  13. Vulkandrache

    Primal x Hearts 2

    Sounds like the second game is exactly the same as the first one. Any recommendation as to which is better if i only want to do one?
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