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Time Loop NTR

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Our hero's just started going out with a girl, and everything is going great!

But one day after getting in an accident, they find themselves in another world! Bet you never saw that one coming!

Can hero get back together with his girl now that she's lost her memories? Or will she fall into somebody else's clutches first?


Loop System. The hero can use his scholarly abilities to give himself an advantage.

Once she's been fucked, she'll never be a virgin again! Sexual experience carries over between loops. She'll just get dirtier and dirtier...


Undertake quests like theft and sneak photography, but be careful -- they'll lower your likability.

Club activities change depending on the loop. The sex changes too, including dancing outfits and swimsuits!

Bad grades = harsh punishment! Study with your girlfriend and get those grades up!

You'll find students wandering around naked and enjoying some exhibitionism -- or even fucking in the dorms!

Steal other people's girls, too. You can get a real "swap meet" going, if you know what I mean!

Cheating. As the heroine gets more experience, she'll start to go astray... But you can do it, too.

The heroine can get pregnant. The ending changes depending on the father.


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