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Time Loop NTR

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Our hero's just started going out with a girl, and everything is going great!

But one day after getting in an accident, they find themselves in another world! Bet you never saw that one coming!

Can hero get back together with his girl now that she's lost her memories? Or will she fall into somebody else's clutches first?


Loop System. The hero can use his scholarly abilities to give himself an advantage.

Once she's been fucked, she'll never be a virgin again! Sexual experience carries over between loops. She'll just get dirtier and dirtier...


Undertake quests like theft and sneak photography, but be careful -- they'll lower your likability.

Club activities change depending on the loop. The sex changes too, including dancing outfits and swimsuits!

Bad grades = harsh punishment! Study with your girlfriend and get those grades up!

You'll find students wandering around naked and enjoying some exhibitionism -- or even fucking in the dorms!

Steal other people's girls, too. You can get a real "swap meet" going, if you know what I mean!

Cheating. As the heroine gets more experience, she'll start to go astray... But you can do it, too.

The heroine can get pregnant. The ending changes depending on the father.


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    • Not gonna be late this time~
      The tradition continues, it's time to post your top anime from 2021! Quite a lot of AOTY contenders for this year than I normally see.
      As always, I will post what I believe to be the best anime per season, so 4 total! They will all be non-sequel or not in a major series, so anybody looking for something they can quickly jump in will have a better time! 
      Winter: https://myanimelist.net/anime/39535/Mushoku_Tensei__Isekai_Ittara_Honki_Dasu
      This one made the name for itself ever since EG still has it's simple shoutbox. Being the grandfather of modern isekai, Mushoku always has a spot in the list as one of the few anime exploring the full potential of this genre. Fanservice included, but that too is also essence of the isekai.

      Honorable mention: https://myanimelist.net/anime/40750/Kaifuku_Jutsushi_no_Yarinaoshi
      Isn't good by any mean, but I put this here for the impact it has lol.
      Spring:  https://myanimelist.net/anime/46095/Vivy__Fluorite_Eyes_Song
      One of the most underrated show until about 5 episodes in when people start catching wind of it. Very good animation, dystopian premise, and explore the issues of robots/AI and humans. Oh, nice music to boost since the AI is an aspiring idol : P

      Honorable mention: https://myanimelist.net/anime/41457/86
      Any other season and this would've been topping the chart. In fact, it's debatable whether Vivy or 86 is the best. Both are AOTY contender though.
      Summer: https://myanimelist.net/anime/40904/Bokutachi_no_Remake
      This anime was made with collaboration from Front Wing. Why? Because it's an anime about a group of students and their visual novel circle, with a very immersive first episode (50 minute, basically a movie itself). The anime has a good cast of characters and stay pretty realistic in portraying the time and place these characters are in. 

      Honorable mention: https://myanimelist.net/anime/43969/Kanojo_mo_Kanojo
      A guy agreed to date four (and counting) girls at once. That should give you an idea of what comedy you're in for.
      Fall: https://myanimelist.net/anime/48926/Komi-san_wa_Comyushou_desu
      Tight spot between this gorgeous animated romcom, and Ousama King. But I will let this take the throne since I enjoyed this adaptation very much.

      Honorable mention: https://myanimelist.net/anime/40834/Ousama_Ranking
      Another AOTY that's debatable. Most people will have this as their best Fall anime, just from the quality of the storytelling. Don't let this children-looking anime fools you.
      Best of 2021: Mushoku Tensei
    • The main character, I, has a beautiful and big-breasted cousin named Ayaka. My sister was sweet to me, and even if I was sexually harassed, I would forgive her if I apologized.
      One day, I find my sister taking a nap. I’ve always wanted to have sex with my sister, so naturally I took off my pants and attacked my sister.
    • This is the first of a new series of daily life of characters, centered on Inukai Kokoa and the stray dog Talo from “Stray dog fiance-“!
      The purpose is to record episodes and behind-the-scenes stories that were not included in the story of the main story, “Stray dog fiance-“.
      We will deliver a bestiality story with 21 basic CGs + α and 258 differences.
      Recording episode (1) Here’s a naughty part-time job
      Shinai-chan, who has a high sense of beauty, such as clothes and cosmetics, is always running out of money!
      Taro, a stray dog, brings a story about a part-time job with a high hourly wage for Kokoa-chan, who is lonely in the wallet situation.
      Recorded episode (2) Mama-san and Taro, the story of the beginning!
      “Mama’s capture by Taro that happened behind the main story of” Stray dog’s wife “…
      The whole picture will be revealed.
      There is also this time! CG recollection room!
      We have implemented a CG recollection room so that you can recollect the H scene at any time this time as well!
    • "Proof of Maidenhood"
      ... A mysterious item in the home of queen-in-waiting Colette.
      When she loses her virginity, it will disappear.
      That item is proof of her intact hymen, and her right to the throne.

      To become queen, Colette needs that proof!
      To keep that proof, she needs to keep her virginity!

      * Multiple endings as a pure maiden or a slovenly whore!
      Including GOOD ending for both circumstances!

      * Lewdness changes the character - even if she doesn't open her legs!
      It's possible for her to devolve into a sex mess with her maidenhood intact.
      When Colette gets too lewd she'll be unable to sleep...

      * Battles result in sweat-soaked panties!
      Colettes underthings will stain over time. You can auction them.
      More importantly, dirty panties will lead to certain events,
      so be sure to battle lots and get those panties all sloppy wet!
      As you progress you'll be able to auction your virginity, too!

      * Ecchi battle cutscenes with full size graphics!

      * Losing her virginity isn't the end-all of Colette's concerns...
      she might also get pregnant! Event scenes have the option to
      blow a load inside her or outside. You control the action.

      * A dynamic cosplay system = different outfits, different skills

      * Instead of a gallery you can access events any time via "ecchi memory"

      * Fast travel around the map with the "teleport skill"

      * Play it all again with New Game Plus!
      Keep your end-game level and items, blaze through the game
      stress-free with the additional option to skip events!
    • The protagonist Yoshiki accepted a classmate's love confession not because she was his type,
      but because he simply wanted a girlfriend.

      Even when they have sex, he finds himself unable to get excited, and he's forced to
      imagine his favorite porn situations in order to force himself to cum.

      But everything changes one day, when he meets her mom...
      His mind is fried by her hotness, and he gets madly horny...

      That night, he arrived home, and furiously jerked off imagining the things he'd do to her.
      But it wasn't enough.
      She is all he can think about.
      The more he sees her, the less he is able to hold back.
      And soon enough, he lets loose...

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