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Remember 11 - Walkthrough

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-=1st day=-


01. An Angel?

02. Investigate the four doors

03. Leave through the main entrance

04. Can handle them

05. Ask indirectly

06. Don't say anything

07. Talk to the man

08. What is this place?

09. I wanted to know why Yuni was here

10. Talk to Yuni

11. Try eating the hard tack

12. Try smiling

13. Take them

14. Apologize

15. Rice Porridge


-=2nd day=-


16. Hold it in

17. Keep holding it in

18. Hold... it... in...

19. Draw a snowman

20. Voice my objection

21. Pineapple flavored

22. Is Yuni a twin?

23. Yuni's room!

24. Stop Yomogi

25. It wouldn't have been like you to not save her, Yomogi-san.

26. Run to a private room

27. Climb up on the cardboard box

28. Get angry at Yomogi


-=3rd day=-


29. Explain the situation to Mayuzumi

30. Run after him.

31. Stay silent

32. Duck to avoid it.

33. Let him do the palm reading.

34. Review it

35. Say what I truly felt

36. I'm curious about Satoru's message

37. Watch Yuni try to fix it

38. Say that it's okay like this

39. Search for her

40. I didn't eat.


-=4th day=-


41. I think Yomogi is right.

42. Shout: Stop it!

43. Hurry back to the cabin

44. I'll safeguard it

45. For now, walk away from the building

46. Stop

47. Advance along the wall to the left side

48. Try to take the knife anyway


-=5th day=-


49. Approached the window

50. Cling to him to suppress the tears

51. This is the three of ours combined.

52. Don't identify the culprit

53. Don't eat

54. Follow Yomogi

55. Lend Yomogi your shoulder

56. Save Yuni

57. Slap Mayuzumi

58. Continue watching


-=6th day=-




-=7th day=-


59. There are relief supplies at location X?

60. Keep going

61. Turn back




-=1st day=-


01. Who, I wonder?

02. ...No, I guess that's not quite how the "Kagome song" goes...

03. It's been a while...

04. Have we ever met before?

05. Stay silent

06. Came to help

07. Confirm

08. sound familiar

09. Why did I climb the clock tower?


-=2nd day=-


10. Examine the desk.

11. Examine the shelves.

12. Examine the bed.

13. Tell her "I'm not Fuyukawa Kokoro"

14. Breakfast style

15. Drink

16. Don't put any in

17. I climbed it.

18. don't turn around

19. I don't turn around

20. Don't answer

21. Go to Inubushi's room

22. Inubushi Keiko, right?

23. A bit

24. Conscent

25. Because I saw someone that looked like like you a year ago

26. I'll ask whether he remembered the names Yomogi and Lin

27. Run away

28. I wouldn't believe the article

29. I can't do that

30. Stay silent

31. Touch her earrings


-=3rd day=-


32. Snowboarding

33. That's not the problem, ok?

34. I will

35. I can't

36. Do you enjoy killing?

37. ask if there was something wrong with Kokoro

38. I'm glad Kokoro is alive

39. Have you ever heard of SPHIA?

40. Approached Hotori

41. Know it

42. About a "caged (kago) woman"


-=4th day=-


43. Answer "I came to watch over you"

44. Refused it

45. A child, don't you?

46. I don't know it

47. Don't drink it


-=5th day=-


48. Why should I kill you?

49. No

50. Grasp her hand in silence.


-=6th day=-


51. Cover Hotori with my body

52. Tell her that Hotori and Inubushi are different people

53. Show my resolve until death


-=7th day=-


54. Neither

55. 6:11 pm ~ 7:17 pm

56. 8:02 pm ~ 9:08 pm

57. 3 exchange points

58. Don't open it

59. Choose whatever you want.

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