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I'm looking for a manga

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Hey, guys I'm looking for manga about magic. To describe the start of it, the main character goes to school and begins his day normally. A strange transfer students appears and confronts him and his childhood friend on a rooftop. It turns out that the childhood friend is actually somekind of monster adn tries to kill the main character. The transfer student is revealed to be a mage and stops it. The main character then finds out that the whole town he had been staying in is actually gone including the childhood friend but not before the childhood friend mysteriously gives him some kind of box. The mage is about to kill the main character but he insteads decides to return with her and become a mage himself. When they arrive at their destination, the transfer student is actually one of the top students and is a teacher.


I was reading this awhile back but my internet got messed up. I wanted to start up again but I can't remember the name. Does this premise sound familiar to anyone? Thanks in advance for any help.

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