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  1. It has very pretty artstyle
  2. Does anyone know the game that picks up right after the ending of Alternative? I mean when Takeru goes back to his own timeline and the setting of Muv luv extra.
  3. One day I was playing the game and the text just disappeared. I can progress the game but no words are in the text box. I can see them just fine in the back log though.
  4. I want a fan translation of this novel. All the girls are so waifus.
  5. I know its an old one but it looks like so much fun
  6. Its a title by Minori. I think came out earlier this yr. If that's too recent...oh well.
  7. blackknight710

    Heart of the Woods

    Is the steam version also an eroge
  8. Is the steam version of the game an eroge as well?
  9. I saw the anime for this and thought the game must be nice. So here I am requesting it. Thanks
  10. Hey I have Comyu but everytime I try to open I get a window that says Authentication failed: Unrecognized kernel32 module./NM
  11. I kinda have mixed feeling about Koiken Otome after the first being so average to snoozefest level.
  12. So when will Princess evan be available now that they are finished?
  13. OMG, they have been working on Da Capo 3 for at least 3-4 years and cant even port it this year?! Damn
  14. Do they have a release date for Da Capo 3 yet?
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