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Sword Art Online infinity Sword quest

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I have a question about SAO Infinity Sword/Hollowed Fragment, and i hope if somebody who played it can answer my Question. the game plays in a different Timeline of the Novel (Anime) so my Question is since in JRPG like Persona 4 Golden or another Games like Harvest Moon or Rune Factory you can go out with one Person, and my Question is : is it possible to resuce Sachi bzw the other members of Moonlit Black Cats since it is a another Timeline ?

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i thought i as read that sachi as an appearing in the story but now i´m not 100% certain about this, well we have Sinon


EDIT: I have make a mistake Sachi appears not in Inifinty Sword but in Hollow Fragment

from the SAO wiki "The floor clearing part also include some new CG and/or plot for Philia, Sachi, Argo, PoH and Yuuki (after the end of first clearance and for re-clearance afterward) that is not found in Infinity Moment" so my mistake was to think it was in Infinity Sword ^^

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