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  1. Marco

    Labyrinth of Grisaia

    does anybody know if
  2. the Anime was interesting and the Yandere Scene was nice does anybody know how many route the game as ? any Bad Ending ? well it would nice if it Fortune Arterial will translate too
  3. so i wanted to ask the different between the Steam and Manga Gamer Shuffel, well is not about the censorship since the Steam Version is all age. is about the routes the Ps2/Steam Version has the Kareha and Mayumie route but it seem like Sia has a normal and a split route. was it also in the Manga gamer Version ? i mean i played the Eroge too (all routes except Primula) but i cant remeber if there was two Sia Route
  4. Hey, i want to ask if somebody has a 100% save game or a Save game that allow to start the Koyuki route. i Also want to ask is it possible when i put my old save game in the Folder again, are the GC /picture locked again and the Text Skip able? Maybe my question is a bit confusing, what i mean was that which the 100% Savegame all the all Text is skip able and when i "use" my old Savegame is the text skip able ? Because i only want to play the Koyuki route and than use my old save state
  5. finding a walkthough to Dracu riot isnt hard, i was only wondering if you have as example cleared all Routes like in Noble Works or some other VNS. The Full patch sounds god, The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs has make a good work with Noble works. So if only somebody can finish Fortune arterial and Walkure Romance and maybe Princess Lovers it would be great
  6. i have the Patch and i didnt see any Dolphins, so maybe you have the April Fools Version, it seems like the relased two Patchs so. Does somebody know how to unlock the hidden route, since it a 90% patch without Miu, the Hidden Route should be tranlated
  7. Marco

    Lilium x Triangle

    the game is good but it missing a haarem Route i think
  8. thats right, you will "get" the katsura in Episode 3 and it Not really different then the riped fruit ending
  9. has somebody the route for the last haarem ending ? Paris for Four ?
  10. since i have read that jast censoring the scene about Kokoro, i wanted to know in which way it affected the "Perfect Targeting Katsura Family " haarem ending
  11. Can somebody say me how many bad ending are in the game, i look in the tag in VNDB and i discovert one tag that i didnt want to see
  12. Thanks for the info, i think i ll try the Vita Version since i wanted to buy the Vita TV so than i can play the game on my TV ^^
  13. Hello Guys i´m looking fore Vita game and i wanted to ask if Senran Kagura that should be played
  14. hello i have the problem when i try to start this game a window pop up and it say Registry error, please reinstall the game
  15. Well Valkyria/Valkyrie seems to be nice but than i noted the tentacle rape. what i´am really can´t stand is tentacle rape and rape. But i think when the tag is Corrpution you can´t avoid it ^^
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