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Rogue-like H-RPG Kagura Douchuuki hits Steam Greenlight

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Steam Greenlight page


Official Japanese site (NSFW)


With little fanfare ero-RPG developer Debonosu has unleashed its rogue-like RPG Kagura Douchuuki on Steam Greenlight. Originally released in 2009, Kagura Douchuuki was Debo no Su Seisakusho's first title after rising from the ashes of Studio e.go!. Fans of fan-translated RPGs Castle Fantasia 2 Renewal and Men at Work 2 will recognize the bewitching art of Kazue Yamamoto. Originally released as an eroge, Debonosu also released a non-adult version with erotic content removed, which presumably is the version being offered on Greenlight. According to rumor, the game will be localized by Sekai Project, which has also worked on the Fruit of Grisaia, Clannad, and Neko Para. Sekai Project has yet to confirm these rumors, and it's not clear whether there are plans for a release of the adult version. The Steam page appears to be a Debonosu initiative, as the one-line "announcement" is in broken English, and the description is posted in both Japanese and (well-translated) English.


Read more here:

Rogue-like H-RPG Kagura Douchuuki hits Steam Greenlight + First Impression


This is headline news for gameplay eroge in English, even if Debonosu isn't my favorite developer. Raidy fans should find a lot to like, assuming Debonosu wakes up and releases the ero-version as well.

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I follow up yesterday's tweet to Debonosu with an appeal to fans of gameplay eroge and opponents of senseless censorship.


Tell Debonosu you want the uncut version of Kagura Douchuuki


For those who are opposed to Steam censorship of this title, here's what you can do.


Go to Debonosu's twitter account (@debonosu) and tweet this message:


I am opposed to censorship. Please give us the 18+ version (in English)!


If enough fans speak up, they might listen and also release the original 18+ version in partnership with an eroge publisher like Sekai Project, Mangagamer, or JAST USA.

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I've posted an updated version of the article (NSFW) on ero-gaming news and reviews site LewdGamer.com.

H-RPG Kagura Douchuuki gets Greenlight for Censorship (Op-Ed) [NSFW]


The new version includes a completely new section "Steam: An opportunity and a threat to lewd gaming" that demonstrates how Steam is changing the face of professional eroge localization.

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