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  1. That's not the restoration patch. That's a fixed executable that installs the restoration patch. It won't do anything by itself.
  2. It has been brought to my attention that Erogedownload has released a censored version of Shiny Days. Fans are greatly disappointed by this decision. In addition, the game was released with countless bugs and after 2 weeks almost nothing has been done about them. Fans will not stand for this butchery, Erogedownload. Either shape up and release pirated games as they were originally meant to be enjoyed, or we'll take our business elsewhere.
  3. Yes, please support this game if you're interested in it. I would recommend playing School Days HQ first. Also be aware that JAST has censored the loli H-scenes in Shiny Days, and we're still waiting for them to release an (un)official patch to restore the cut content. You can read my article if you're interested in the full details of the censorship and a very comprehensive discussion of the implications. Why I endorse JAST’s censorship of Shiny Days
  4. The most active translators involved with the Rance series (Arunaru and Tulip Goddess Maria) have been hired by Mangagamer. Many fan translators start their projects to bring attention to certain titles or companies, in hopes of an official release someday. It's highly frowned upon in the community to start or continue work on a fan translation when the Japanese company has shown an interest in English releases. Some notable examples of groups who defied this rule-of-thumb: 1) Aaeru of Fuwanovel (Da capo 3): Ended up C&D'd by Circus, widely criticized by the community, and disappeare
  5. Mangagamer partners with Alicesoft to prevent the Rance series from being released in English Preview (hyperlinks disabled): Note that this article is satire (some readers never caught on to that). I made a (real) info thread for the game here.
  6. I've posted an updated version of the article (NSFW) on ero-gaming news and reviews site LewdGamer.com. H-RPG Kagura Douchuuki gets Greenlight for Censorship (Op-Ed) [NSFW] The new version includes a completely new section "Steam: An opportunity and a threat to lewd gaming" that demonstrates how Steam is changing the face of professional eroge localization.
  7. JAST currently has a thread for pointing out typos. They certainly have admitted the problem, and they've promised a patch to fix them, though fixing image issues is currently a higher priority. https://connect.jastusa.com/support/discussions/topics/5000049032
  8. I follow up yesterday's tweet to Debonosu with an appeal to fans of gameplay eroge and opponents of senseless censorship. Tell Debonosu you want the uncut version of Kagura Douchuuki
  9. http://i.imgur.com/0J6Ayw7.jpg Steam Greenlight page VNDB Official Japanese site (NSFW) With little fanfare ero-RPG developer Debonosu has unleashed its rogue-like RPG Kagura Douchuuki on Steam Greenlight. Originally released in 2009, Kagura Douchuuki was Debo no Su Seisakusho's first title after rising from the ashes of Studio e.go!. Fans of fan-translated RPGs Castle Fantasia 2 Renewal and Men at Work 2 will recognize the bewitching art of Kazue Yamamoto. Originally released as an eroge, Debonosu also released a non-adult version with erotic content removed, which presumably is the ver
  10. Shiny Days will be handled the same as Starless. Why I endorse JAST’s censorship of Shiny Days
  11. I don't know for sure what impact the decision has, but if you're going for Kirara's route it would seem like a good idea to humor her.
  12. Hmm...6/10? Matching the aura of the poster is important. An avatar is the face of your online persona, after all.
  13. I made a character on Goblin during the Open Beta. Sadly I don't have Early Access. I suspect it's going to be really difficult to gather players on a particular world. SE is being very anal about balancing population; they close off worlds for character creation very quickly. I created a character on Goblin Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday evening Goblin was already closed for character creation. They don't have a gauge for current population status, so you can't even tell which worlds are currently low or high population.
  14. For those interested in the original source, I managed to preserve the quote from a Mangagamer representative before it was lost in the Great Mangagamer Forum Crash of 2013:
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