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I've been looking around on the internet and cant get an English translation that works, if someone was to translate the game that would be amazing and ridiculously appreciated, I'm right there with you ImperialRazgriz. As far as I can tell Eiyuu*Senki Gold is superior in every way to its predecessor.

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There is no translation for the story in Eiyuu Senki Gold, and asking for it here (or anywhere really) isn't really gonna work.


But there is a UI translation available if that's what you want.



Game torrent: NT > ?girlcelly? [140328] [??] ?????GOLD + Premium Tactical Book + Drama CD + Manual + Update 1.01b


Direct download links: [Japanese] [140328][Tenco] Eiyuu*Senki GOLD | ?????GOLD



Patches: Eiyuu*Senki Wiki - Eiyuu*Senki Wiki


UI translation: Eiyuu*Senki Gold Interface patch



You'll want to download the game, install the game, download and install both the 1.03b1 and 1.03c patch, then finally install the translations.


That should work.



Screenshot from VNDB




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