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My exams have just ended, so I am looking for suggestions about JRPG that have been newly uploaded to this website(all the way back to few months, I haven't checked the website for some time). Or something like Rance or Sengoku Rance. Anything with interesting game play and good sex scenes.

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have you tried evenicle? that is the last game with gameplay that i remember being released.


Nope. Looks nice, will try. Thank you!


Edit: ok I am playing it. I am bored of bland usual goody two shoes protagonist that always come to save the day. Rance was never a goody two shoes, although he did good things, he was never a "good" guy. The game story wise is just boring. But I enjoy the sex scenes, and I really like this kind of art these days. Its funny how quickly characters recover from terrible things, almost makes it a comedy. I like the gameplay, this is perfect for me right now. And most of all, I really like the relationship of open sexual exploration between ramius and aster/protagonist. Thank you once again!

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There's also Sengoku NEET, though Ivan hasn't uploaded it here. You can obtain one on hentaibedta, with adblock on preferably. You can say that the game is a clone of Sengoku rance, with added dose of comedy.


thanks! Will try.

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