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  1. still nothing after two months? too bad i like this game to be here too
  2. Kannon

    Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!!

    Thanks Admin.
  3. Kodoku ni Kiku Yuri It maybe unvoiced, and a bit short, but a really touching story. Still one of my fav Yuri VN Haven't read this two but I'm planning to SeaBed Heart of the Woods
  4. Koihime Masou was my first. I was invited to play a web browser game for it that which is like Travian but Koihime themed. Friend mentioned the VN then there it goes.
  5. It was just out yesterday Serment - Contract with a Devil
  6. Thanks, Admin!!!!
  7. like to request this as well
  8. Kannon

    Blackberry Honey

    Thanks admin
  9. Kannon

    Fuju hime

    My bad it isn't the first fight, sorry >. You mean the 12th CG, right? That's where you capture her when she is in this stage, the second fight. You also get the 22nd CG If you meant the 21st CG then all you have to do is kill them all
  10. Kannon

    Galaxy Girls

    Thanks Admin!
  11. what the..... btw thanks admin~
  12. Kannon

    Maki Fes!

    That was fast Thanks admin
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