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H-RPG Translation Status (01-09-2019)

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~~H-RPG Translation Status~~




Google the RJ Code for more info


Kagura Games

Ambrosia – Coming soon

Apostle – Coming soon

Cage of the Succubi – Coming soon

Country Girl Keiko – Coming soon

Dark Hero Party (already translated by fan) – Coming soon

Demon Queen Melissa – Coming soon

Dungeon town – Coming soon

Liz (already translated by fan) – Coming soon

Miss Lisette’s Assassin Maid (already translated by fan) – Coming soon

Princesses never lose – Coming soon

Princess of Zeven – Coming soon

Public Defense Corp (already translated by fan) – Coming soon

Shera and the Three Treasure – Coming soon

Succubus X Saint! – Coming soon

Ruins Seeker – Coming soon

Trapped on Monster Island – Coming soon

Zefira – Coming soon


Kagura Games’ Website


Fan Translation Projects

(RJ021285) Animal Maid – Roughly 40% translated

(RJ246792) Curse Errant – the game has been updated and the translator continues the TL project

(RJ144645) Devil’s Game(MTL) – Picked up

(RJ182139) Dungeon Repeater – 110/168 Parts Translated

(RJ215534) Escape From Uninhabited Island – 78% Translated

(RJ248195) Exorcist Rio – Common events translated

(RJ204720) Explorer of the Golden Planet – Picked up

(RJ217876) Forest of Abyss 2 – Due to the developer’s recent update and promised future’s update to the game, this translation project is now put on hold

(RJ171667) Goddess of Memorier – Picked up

(RJ212283) Granende II – Picked up

(RJ170185) I am your Guignol – Roughly 2/3 done

(RJ220205) Jodie, Owner of the Whorehouse – Much of the menu, items, equipments, and other basics are translated

(RJ180724) Jumble JokersCurrently in editing phase

(RJ133508) Knight of Flame Lily Akos – 50% translated

(RJ244337) Legend of the Holy Tree (MTL) – Picked up

(RJ137150) Lilitales (VN) – Work in Progress

(RJ103157) Lilium Union – Waiting turn, currently translator works on another project

(RJ214761) Lulu Farea 2 – Intro and first three chapters done, two chapters left, 23 H-scenes left

(RJ113935) Mirielle Medicine & Magic – Work in Progress, no release date yet

(RJ215006) Nightmare Girls – only H scenes editing left

(RJ124341) Princess Sacrifice (VN) – 90% translated

(RJ188473) Qrin Sway 2 (MTL) – After a long hiatus, the translator began translating again

(RJ150234) Seiken no Yuusha no Yarimakuri Eiyuutan – Picked up

(RJ209839) SHRIFT (MTL) – 100% translated, now fixing several technical stuff

(RJ162307) Sneak in desperada – the translator gave out his translation work to the developer, DL site’s English version in the future is possible but still in TBA status

(RJ222322) Succubus Island Explorer 3 – 70% Translated

(RJ246337) Succubus Senki – Chapter 2 translated

(RJ222872) Succubus Tamer 2 – 29273/43917 lines translated

(RJ188011) Shizuma Kenpu Legend Aoi – after a year hiatus, the translation project is restarted

(RJ115981) Sugoroku Sex – Work in progress, no release date yet

(RJ162718) Teaching Feeling – SP lost the license, the fan-translator resume his fan-TL project, no release date yet

(RJ218747) The dream of non-humans – Six H-scenes left, then editing process

(RJ141961) The Irrationally Tragic Rape of Elf Marie – Two towns translated

(RJ245378) Urge to Molest – In progress

(RJ139133) Virgin's Protection Magic – Work in progress, no release date yet

(RJ114460) Yarashi Quest (MTL) – Picked up

(RJ137137) Yorozuya Princess – Half of H-scenes and one thirds of maps are completed


This Week’s New Project(s)

Brave Alchemist Colette

(RJ158026) Sacred Princess: Holy Hentai Monogatari - Picked up


This Week’s Completed Project(s)

Princess Project

Flash Camping (MTL)

Cos Ro (MTL)

Cos Ro2 (MTL)



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