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  1. Ever heard of unforeseen issue? Even if they said that, anything can happen until it's finally released XD
  2. Crazyboy

    Love Sweets!

    That won't happen, incest sell really well.
  3. Crazyboy

    Dohna Dohna

    Normally I wouldn't touch this kind of VN, it look like the kind of VN where the developers tried to pack everything they could in the VN, but I really love the art and this being a RPG also make me want to give it a try. I most likely will end up being annoyed and quit within an hour though XD Edit: Didn't even last 5 minute, barely 3 minutes in there's already a sex scene with a loli, not something I am really interested in seeing, even less so when it's so earlier, it doesn't bode well for what's coming.
  4. Crazyboy

    Asdivine Saga

    No idea, I don't even know why this game is here to begin with, did they start posting non hentai games here?
  5. Crazyboy

    Asdivine Saga

    30-40 hours usually, this game along pretty much any other game made by Kemco are made to look like super nes games, I guess you could say modern super nes game, so they are bigger than old super nes games, by a dozen times or so, but are still fairly small because back in the days super nes game rarely were bigger than 3mb.
  6. Crazyboy

    Asdivine Saga

    This game is not hentai, also do it come with all the dlc? Like 2x damage, 3x sp and so on?
  7. The cover should be a good enough indication imo. Those who don't realize what the cover mean have only themselves to blame.
  8. Indeed . Joking aside though, the VN ended up being much better than i thought it would be. Honestly a little sad that so many will skip this just because it's incest when it's such a good VN.
  9. Wohoo, a new incest VN i will get tired of before i even finish one route but i will still download because wincest.
  10. I tried Sengoku Rance years ago and remember quitting fast after seeing a walkthrough for it, it made the game seem like to much work for me to put through to be worth it, specially since i didn't really like the MC. Now that it's officially released i am thinking of giving it a second chance, but before that i am wondering if we are free to do what we want in that game without any penalty in game? I want to be able to be free and play as i like in my first playthrough at least.
  11. Crazyboy

    Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe

    Expecting good plot from a nukige would be like expecting good plot from a porn movie. The aim of both is to show sex scene, not having a great story, the story is usually only there to enhance the sex scene. That doesn't make them low quality though, just not what you are looking for.
  12. Crazyboy

    Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe

    Huh? What do it being a nukige have anything to do with it being bad? Seriously that's a really ridiculous way of thinking O.O... The reason i said it was bad isn't because it's a nukige, but because little to no effort was put in making this novel.
  13. Crazyboy

    Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe

    Really bad VN, not recommended.
  14. Is there any Hrpg being translated that don't have 30 years old kind of gameplay?
  15. Crazyboy

    Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe

    Isekai? First noticed? Who care? Whatever, let's download this.
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