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Hina Wants To Make It BIG! :D

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Gal That Wants Big Money features 38 scenes and five hentai animations. The latter plays during random encounters with strangers.


Unlike previous games, this time around the artist is trying new positions and viewpoints. Gangbangs, POV titfucks, bouncing titties all over the place! There’s even a footjob scene when Hina is wearing her business outfit!


This game lets you fuck anyone and everyone in town. From the moment you start the game, you can run out and start fucking your classmates for cash. On the one hand, you’re a total slut. On the other hand, sex becomes less suspenseful and dramatic, because Hina fucks everybody she meets.


While the vast majority of scenes are vanilla, there’s a handful of spicy encounters. Being gangbanged by a rival faction, giving a blowjob to an old man, being forced by a drunk guy, and so much more! It’s too bad that taboo encounters are the minority of content.


Gal That Wants Big Money simulation hentai game developed by circle 7CM (6).jpg



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