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About Me

  1. Could you please upload this one in parts? Game : Psychedelica of The Black Butterfly (Steam Game) Language : Multi Developer : IDEA FACTORY Link to developer : Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly/검은 나비의 사이키델리카/黑蝶幻境 on Steam
  2. Since there were problems with RealLive, I tried downloading a different VN. Thus I downloaded Fate Hollow Atraxia, and similar problems ocured where while setting up the game everything was written in complete gibberish (I'll post some photos). What am I doing wrong? (About the photo: the icon for the game does show up but when I click Ok system says there is a mistake and nothing happens, if I click the other option the Icon for the game disappeares and I have to go through the proces of setup again.)
  3. One day I was playing the game and the text just disappeared. I can progress the game but no words are in the text box. I can see them just fine in the back log though.
  4. Gal That Wants Big Money features 38 scenes and five hentai animations. The latter plays during random encounters with strangers. Unlike previous games, this time around the artist is trying new positions and viewpoints. Gangbangs, POV titfucks, bouncing titties all over the place! There’s even a footjob scene when Hina is wearing her business outfit! This game lets you fuck anyone and everyone in town. From the moment you start the game, you can run out and start fucking your classmates for cash. On the one hand, you’re a total slut. On the other hand, sex becomes less suspenseful and d
  5. I downloaded all 3 part of Kanon+ English patch. I extracted all the files from winrar and I entered the apication named RealLive. Not only is everything in Japanese even though I installed the English patch and patched the game but after going to New Game it automaticly crashes. Waht am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?
  6. I hate to make one of these threads but I'm going slightly mad looking for a game I lost in a drive failure a long time ago and I was wondering if anyone else knew the name or even better how to find it again. It was a "touching" game more than a VN where you were stuck in a apartment with your cousin (the only other char, dark hair) and you had to slowly seduce her through various scenes until she essentialy becomes open for anything. Scenes included in the living room in front of a TV and with her standing in a school bathing suit. I'm fairly certain I aquired it around 2012/2013 (unsu
  7. THICK Tomboy Gets Fucker by Horny Neighbor - Pornhub.com I have no clues or anything that can lead me to the name of this game, so I'm curious if anyone else does.
  8. Hasegawa is the alpha male who fucks every girl he meets, even the teachers! This game gets a bit predictable that every single girl you meet eventually fucks him. The primary fetish of the game is netorare. Your childhood friend has sex with the alpha male at school because he’s such a smooth talker. She ends up deflowered and creampied, with her nudes posted online for everyone to see. From blindfolds to dirty talk, these scenes are some of the hottest in the NTR genre. If you’re okay with tons of foreplay, this game is totally awesome! Positions include cowgirl, doggystyle, missionar
  9. So I came across a game in ENGLISH GAMES LIST and found a game "So, I Hear You Like Sadistic Women"(https://erogegames.com/so-i-hear-you-like-sadistic-women-1258/) But it seems that the game is not translated. So I request for translation of this game. Also, I request for these games "(translated)" which I really want to play: Nyphomania Paradox Minako Kanade and the Ecchi worklife Oba-san's Saga Beloved Wife Insemination Aniyome wa Ijiparri (Aniyome wa Ijippari | vndb) Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman -Besluted- (Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman -Besluted- | vndb) Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake
  10. Does anybody know where Kami no Rhapsody store its save files? I deleted it off my computer because I thought I was going to have to send my computer in to be serviced at one point (thankfully, I didn't) and I didn't want the tech people to see the existence of my hentai game collection, for both legal and embarrassment issues. When I re-extracted the game from the .rar files, my saved games are still there, which means the save files are stored elsewhere on my computer but I can't actually find them.
  11. Hi! It's my first time posting in this forum so I hope I'm getting this right (but I apologize if I'm not). I have a problem with the otome game Ayakashi Gohan. I've finished all other routes and am currently starting the last one, Kimura Asagi. Unfortunately, there's this error message that shows up early in the Water Chapter. I'm forced to click "OK" and it just force closes my game. I've tried restarting the game twice but it doesn't seem to be going away on its own, and I can't find the error code online either. If someone could help me with this, I'd really appreciate it! Here's wha
  12. After wasting a combined 6 hours trying out different solutions i came across on some sites i'm throwing the towel on fixing this on my own. My problem is this: -Whenever i try to run the game, nothing happens, but it runs in the background (with 0% CPU usage) Game worked fine when i had Win 7, so i thought this was just Win 10 being Win 10, so i looked up solutions, which included running a noDvDexe crack (which didn't work) and running the game through AlphaROMdiE (which also didn't work) -The AlphaROMdiE solution just doesn't do anything, game still only runs in the background on 0%
  13. I'm trying to play Kami no Rhapsody, but every time I try to start the game (not load the program but actually move pass the title screen) the program just closes on it's own and I'm back to the desktop. Yes, I'm using "age patch.exe" and yes, I changed my region uni-code settings. Specifically, it crashes when: -I start the game. -I try to move to the "ADV" tab or the "Character" tab in the options screen". -I try to select "About the 'Extra Episode' option in the "EU-Room" When I next try to open the program, I get a dialogue box full of Japanese with the options of "Yes" and "No".
  14. I would like to request this game "Akuma de Oshioki! Marukido Sadoshiki Hentai Oshioki Kouza" it is very old game but i still want to enjoy it.
  15. Hi all! I can't seem to find any info, screenshots or really anything regarding an old game that I played many years ago. It was already old back then, so probably released around 1995-2000 I guess? The gameplay was basically a simplified Magic The Gathering collectable cards game. It had a female protagonist who could move around set points on a map, buy or acquire cards to build a deck, and "fight" opponents -- resulting in very tame and forgettable CG, but the main point for me was the great gameplay. It was in Japanese only, and I think the protagonist's name translated as "Whipp
  16. Is it possible to get an english translation of this game and it's sequel?
  17. I have download and install Togainu no Chi - Lost Blood and when I shall start up game, I get this error --------------------------- 起動エラー --------------------------- システム情報の読み込みに失敗しました --------------------------- OK --------------------------- What does this error mean? What did I do wrong?
  18. Please I need this game I already played the princess lover of the same franchise and I am not holding on to this game anymore, if someone is reading this please help me to take this project forward Walkure Romanze ~Shoujo Kishi Monogatari~ | vndb
  19. Does anyone have a download link or can direct me to a reliable site to download the game? The translation got released some time ago but i can't find the game itself. Would be perfect of course if admin posted it here but anything will do. Edit: Forgot to add vndb link Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~ | vndb
  20. I have few questions regarding torrents. 1.) What specific torrent clients are recommended and which ones should I avoid like the plague? 2.) After I finish downloading a specific torrent: 2-A.) If I move the file(s) to a different location, will the the client still be able to see it for the purpose of continuing to upload it to others? 2-B.) Will the inclusion of new files in the group, i.e. my save files from playing the game, confuse the torrent application, making it think I no longer have the files and start to re-download it? (Yes, I could just copy and paste a new set to use fo
  21. Hey guys happy new year. New eroge translation is out. It's a fun game, check it out.
  22. Can you please add Apostle is a Rpg game on steam or mangagamer
  23. So I recently bought [Torpedo] Virgin Wife, Hisoyaka na Kaitsuu ~Anata, Otou-san ni Shitsukerarete shimatta no...~ as part of the Torpedo Vol. 1 pack. I downloaded it, installed the DRM software that Softdenchi games need to run it and this message pops up now when I try to run the game. https://i.imgur.com/KnzA2OK.png All I did was unzip the .zip file and then ran the .exe so I'm not sure what's happening.
  24. So Hi guys i'm new here and i just made this account just to post this so maybe u guys know this game or not but its really cool game with tons and tons of content and stuff to do i was following its news on F95 zone site and there was no news or anyone trying to pick up this game and Transelting it i even contacted Kaguragames to do and till now no answer from them Which is hardly that they will ever do anyway guys i wanted to post it here maybe one of you has any idea ? this game really worth it and if somebody picks it up or fan team we can support him to complete it so what do u think guys
  25. Title: X Change Alternative 2 ~Kimi no Hitomi ni Utsuru Kimi~ Publish Date: 2009-08-21 (YYYY-MM-DD) Developer website: Crowd (クラウド) []vndb Original title: X Change Alternative2-キミノヒトミニウツルキミ- Aliases: XCA2 Length: Long (30 - 50 hours) Developer: Crowd Publishers: Crowd Relations Same series: Yin-Yang! X-Change Alternative Language: Japanese Samples: Hello guys, for a few years I am trying to find this game and no use kinda it seems like there is still no English version of this game. And I am still waiting for this game. Thank you.
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