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Nudie games recommendations

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Please Help!

I have very limited time online and am looking for some great offline eroge games for android 4.2.2 I can download for free.

What I'm most lookin for:

-Nudity. Lots of full frontal uncensored nudity, especially embarrassed naked female (ala Battle Club manga), voyeur (ala Porky's), forced public nudity (ala MASH). Sex isn't important, though lesbian is cool. prefer variety of body types from more to model to chubby (but not extreme doubleZZ breasts)

-Fun story. Not rapey, or horror, though can be exploitive like above. I prefer medieval fantasy, but scif-fi and modern are okay too.

-simple gameplay. I prefer visual novel, adventure and RPG (but not too deep), but am open to other styles.

-voice acting. preferably English, but Japanese with subtitles OK.

-small size, under 300 MBs.



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