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  1. I hereby declare the retirement of the The Time Stamper, mostly because Ivan put me out of a job with the new site layout. As my final act as The Time Stamper: The Time Stamper, Retired: Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 12:49 PM EST.
  2. Maybe this title: https://erogedownload.com/downloads/kingdom/ FYI: erogedownload.com is a sister site to this one also maintained by this sites admin.
  3. Outpost Omega J

    Honey Select 2 DX

    Just to confirm, the additional content found in Honey Select 2 DX Extras (https://erogegames.com/downloads/extras/honey-select-2-dx-extras-r1416/) is not already included in this download, correct? I doubt since this download is 40.9 GB and the Extras download 61.9 GB.
  4. Outpost Omega J

    Honey Select 2 DX

    HOLY SHIT that's a large program. It's gonna take me forever to download that. Even when i do, I'm not going to be able to fit it on my SSD once I also download the extra content. I'm going to have to use my secondary traditional drive.
  5. That suggestion seems a little fishy. I think I'll try a more wholesome option, reading more VNs instead.
  6. Ugh. One more for the "Never should have been written" pile.
  7. What's a retired Time Stamper do when the site admin takes away his job?
  8. Just out curiosity, since you don't see this often (or at least I don't see this often), given that "AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative" (https://vndb.org/v31469) is already planned for multiple international releases, what is it's country of origin? I.E., most VNs are Japanese, but I've noticed the existence of some that are Russian or English in origin as well.
  9. vndb.org does not suggest the existences of any English translation efforts besides the partial fan translation released on 5/11/14, just over seven years ago (vndb.org link: https://vndb.org/v405). That doesn't mean efforts to finish it don't exist, but between that and Translation Status updates posted by the forum member littleshogun every week on this website, you can usually trust that information to be up to date, so I wouldn't hold your breath.
  10. And another title that should never been written.
  11. Why? With a hyper highspeed genius doing the translation, shouldn't it already be done? *Exit stage right, before the rotten tomatoes can find him.*
  12. @littleshogun Just an FYI regarding the all the extra lines the new forums text formatting is throwing in. You might all ready know this, but you can get rid of them by replacing all your "Enters" with "Shift + Enter". I'm assuming the forum is taking it's cue from modern word processors like MS Office. An "Enter" is generally interpreted as a new paragraph while "Shift + Enter" is interpreted as a new line. I mentioned this to Ivan just a minute ago and he adjusted it.
  13. Outpost Omega J

    Study § Steady

    <Self redacted due to the fact I couldn't find out the new commands to apply the spoiler concealment tags, nor could I find a command to delete this post outright.>
  14. Outpost Omega J

    Study § Steady

    So I had a problem with a bug in this VN that doesn't seem to be too widespread among many people (lucky me) but I found what appears to be a solution, or more accurately, one of commenters over on erogedownload.com did. Here's the relevant details for anybody else who is having this problem. Bug: In the sixth choice overall (assuming there are no choices hidden behind the choices I didn't make) or the first choice where you chose a heroine by selecting a picture attached to a cork-board, the choices on the left and right all act as if you selected the bottom choice. Only the top c
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