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  1. It should be Haru from the VN Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana. FYI: For future reference, note that littleshogun, the person who posts and maintains these translation status lists, surrounded that title in the list with asterisks(*). That's how you can tell what VN the picture comes from. I just checked the list of characters on vndb.org against the picture to ID the character.
  2. So we're waiting on the release date for the release date? 🙄
  3. As I don't know what that is, I can't say one way or the other. Given that no one else has responded, I'm assuming the answer is no. If you haven't already, try checkout the Visual Novel Database (vndb.org). It is a publicly maintained wiki cataloguing most Visual Novels in existence. Try using the in-site search bar, and failing that try a google search to the effect of "vndb.org <KEY WORDS>". Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  4. Is this the game in question? https://vndb.org/v21269 If so, this guide came from the Steam Community website (subset of the Steam video game online store) Paradise: ALL Endings Guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3259915147
  5. Quality assurance missed this one (presumably by the original Japanese production staff, as it graphic related, not language/translation related). So does anybody else notice the screw up in this picture? For those who can't figure it out, the error is detailed in the spoiler box below.
  6. Who is to say it was sudden? Maybe it took them 34 years to translate it.
  7. @littleshogun Between all your sources of information, have you heard if NekoNyan is still trying to get a steam release for Aoi Tori, or have they given up and abandoned the effort (or you just flat out don't know yourself)?
  8. Do you know if Nekonyan is still working on getting a steam release for Aoi Tori, or have they abandoned the effort?
  9. (Edited in 2 hours later) I should have probably mentioned this first as a likely culprit. If this does not work, try the full explanation below: The FIRST time you actually try to run the game, you need to have the disc image mounted to simulate having the actual disc in the optical drive to pass some sort of DRM check. AFTER the first time, that is no longer necessary. ------------------------------- As I don't read Japanese, the only help I can give you is to describe the actions I took. I used the link provided by littleshogun in his visual novel tran
  10. For a character that is a native English speaker and doesn't speak any Japanese at all, Bethly's father sure has a lot of Japanese audio dialogue. Sure, the written text on the screen would have been in Japanese for the benefit of the originally intended Japanese player audience, but I should be HEARING a lot more English than I am. Even the scenes where it's just father and daughter alone speaking to each other, I'm still hearing a lot of Japanese and a distinct lack of English.
  11. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I do know about ryuugames, but every time I have tried to download something from them, I never get as far as a download, just a bunch of adds. I can't figure out how to make that site work.
  12. @littleshogun In august of last year, you produced a miracle and found a source for Walkure Romanze. Any chance you have got another miracle lying around in your bag and can produce a source for Gin'iro Haruka?
  13. Requesting Gin'iro Haruka The patch is supposed to release on April 26th. Please please please.
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