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  1. Outpost Omega J

    Curse Errant

    Oy! What does one game need with 128 save slots?! I can appreciate having ten, or even twenty, to give you lots of "check point" saves, but will anyone ever have a serious use for even 40 slots?
  2. Does anyone know if there is anyway to unlock the H-content in this game other than loosing to a boss battle and having the protagonist get violated?
  3. Steam link for reference purposes: "Dark Elf Historia" I know I'm being a little ambitious with this request as the game only released today. If you can't find it or aren't planning to upload it in the first place, I would be grateful if you could let me know such before March 11th. The game is currently on sale until then.
  4. Outpost Omega J

    Prism Fantasy

    Surprisingly, the machine translation on this title isn't horrible. Mind you, it's far from perfect, but still easily readable. The biggest screw ups I've seen in the early parts of the game seem to be less issues of translation and more quality control on the original design. When I found "hidden" items in a barrel and rose bush, in both instances the game said I found a "potion" but that's not what got added to my inventory. The other error had to do with traveling on the world map. When I selected the first town, it game me a yes/no prompt asking if i wanted to go the forest I j
  5. Either machine translation technology has improved dramatically since I last tried a title that used it, or some body has done a half-way decent job of editing the translation. Either way, this title, while far from perfect, is entirely readable. You'll need to pay attention to situation context in a few places to mentally correct pronoun usage, but this is not unreadable by any means. Full disclosure: I'm still on my first play through, and am currently playing an innocent route. It's possible that later in the game or on a non-innocent play through, the quality of the
  6. Ivan, If you happen to get your hands of a copy of "The Lord of Isekai Brothels", I would appreciate it if you uploaded it here. Steam link for reference purposes: "The Lord of Isekai Brothels"
  7. Does this mean any hope for a near future release just got flushed down the drain?
  8. No clue through official channels at this point in time. I don't remember seeing anything in Shiravune's (the publisher for the English version) twitter feed and their is nothing on their actual website. vndb.org doesn't have a release date, and while not an "official" source, they are usually pretty up to date on such things.
  9. Requesting the VN: My Slow Life with the Princess Knight and Her Devoted Handmaiden AKA: Dorei Himekishi to Dorei Jijo to no Slow Life https://vndb.org/v30998
  10. Outpost Omega J

    Aiyoku no Eustia

    @Henta20 I didn't say YOU where the one criticizing the VN. You, by you admission, haven't read any of this VN. I was just pointing out that as of the two (now three) chapters that I've read, those who actually read and were criticizing it where the ones in the wrong. Also, a mark against those criticizing individuals, the translators did this for free on their own time. They should be happy with what they get. Unless it's horrendous to the point of unreadable, they need to shut their traps.
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