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  1. Can anybody offer a description of this title that would actually give me a basic idea of the plot. The above description reads like one continuous nonsensical run-on sentence. Is the setting present, near future, or distant future. What is this "Galactic empire"? And most importantly what is a Loveduction? Since this is the fourth one, it's presumably not a mystery to what they are.
  2. Here's a silly thought. As this is a story about people learning how to be voice actors, I wonder if the actual voice actors, the real people providing the voices, not the characters in the story, had difficulty deliberately flubbing their lines to represent armatures just learning after all the time they spent learning not to flub their lines?
  3. I assumed the same as well, either start up or shutdown and nothing actually in game. My problem is I still don't know WHEN these events are suppose to trigger. I don't want to know what they are just what days to either wait for, or muck with my computers calendar to artificially jump it ahead. As far as avoiding spoilers, obviously days like Christmas eve or valentines day (assuming those are some of the days in question) are going to be pretty obvious what they are but I don't want to know what the rest are.
  4. According to vndb.org, this title has "System Time Events". If I understand that correctly, that means the game will do something out of the ordinary on specific dates and/or times based on your computer's clock. Assuming it isn't a mis-tagging and the VN has no such thing, I'm having difficulty finding a list of what times/dates trigger these events. I don't want to know the contents of events them selves, just what dates and times trigger them. Does anybody know when they are?
  5. FINALLY! I was beginning to think this title got scrubbed.
  6. +1 points for this title. The heroines can actually differentiate between a rom-com accident and a deliberate peeping perv. I'm really tired of protagonists getting their reputation permanently trashed as if what was an accident was actually intentional. It's really refreshing to see the heroine(s) response match the actual situation. Of course I still expect the protagonist to get slapped in the face in the heat of the moment, or some other such appropriate response, but once everything settles down, I really appreciate the heroine(s) recognizing the difference between accident an
  7. @rahrah All right Mr. Supporter of all things feline, answer me this: Why would a CATgirl willing have anything to do with a BATH? Last time I took a math class, CAT + BATH = HOSPITAL.
  8. Ugh. Once again, an intriguing VN contaminated with blood related incest. I'll be skipping that particular route.
  9. This is just a general question asked out of curiosity about file compression, not actually related to VN's or anything on this site, but given it's technical nature, this still seemed like the right place to ask. I've always been curious about this, but how does file compression actually work? All of those binary bits of 0's and 1's are needed to make a program function. When I extract a set of .rar files, the resultant folder contains more data than the sum of the .rar files. This isn't like with written text read by a human that can recognize the existence of a typo or a dropped
  10. Outpost Omega J

    Asdivine Saga

    Anybody know how to play this in full screen mode, as opposed to just maximizing the window?
  11. @littleshogun FYI, you didn't unmark the title Ren'ai, Karichaimashita the source of the image from last week.
  12. I'm not 100% certain what you are talking about, but if you are using the free download option, where you have to download multiple 500 MB .rar files, or for the older titles, multiple 200 MB .rar files, yes, you must download ALL the parts. Here's an example using the title HaremKingdom. Using the free download option, this title has six parts, five 500 MB .rar files and the last file being an 365.8 MB .rar file. You must download ALL six files. Once you have downloaded them, make sure all six files are all in the same folder. Next you need to use some sort of
  13. It's been a while so I'll ask again. Does anybody have a non-torrent link for this game from a source that isn't going to give my anti-virus software conniption fits?
  14. TWO OF THEM?! vgytbnhuj *Outpost Omega J fainted and fell face first on to his keyboard.*
  15. Wait! Do we actually have an HRPG that ISN'T about abusing the heroines? Is that possible? Is that even permissible by the laws of physics? Is a hole in the space-time continuum about to be torn open and swallow up known existence?
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