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  1. --^v----^v----^v--------------------
  2. Ivan, your last official activity as reported by the website was February 1st. Are you still planning on maintaining this website, or you have decided to quit uploading content? I'm not trying to rush you, you do this on your own time and your own money and I'm grateful. I just would like to know if you're still around at all. Like the thread title says, I'm just looking for proof of life. *Pulls out a stethoscope and starts listening for a heart beat.*
  3. Next best option I can offer you is https://images.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl You can drag the image onto the search bar to perform a "reverse image search" and see what you get for results.
  4. I can't promise any results but it would be helpful if you included what show/game/etc it is from. You could then try a google search to the effect of "<Game Name> artists".
  5. Outpost Omega J


    FYI: The wedding scenes available from game's title screen are not the same as the wedding scenes from the game's story mode's dates. In story mode, you and your girl of choice volunteer to be actors in a mock ceremony to show off a wedding planning company's services. In the wedding scenes available from the game's title screen, the story is set several years later, and it is an actual wedding, including an exchange of wedding rings, a scene that is absent from the story mode weddings.
  6. When was the last time NekoNyan provided a status update on their projects?
  7. I think you have the new and complete projects section backwards.
  8. Out of curiosity, does the re-release of Utawarerumono (Steam link for reference: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1151450/Utawarerumono_Prelude_to_the_Fallen/) have an 18+ patch? As far as I understand it, the version available on steam is all ages, and I can't seem to find evidence of a patch to restore the adult version content, as is the case with some Steam release titles. I get that the version on steam isn't a direct port of the earlier version available on this website, it has UI and graphical updates, but I can't fathom why the would go to the trouble of redoing an 18+
  9. Seconded. Though if I had to guess, comment about the quality check for the first three chapters being done means they're in the process of a final review before releasing the other wise completed translation patch.
  10. Wow! We might actually see this title released this year! Oh crap, I just jinxed it, didn't I?
  11. FYI: Unless your using the asterisks to indicate something else, you incorrectly marked Public Service this title as being the source of the picture in addition to Aokana Extra 2. For the benefit of everyone else: Aokana Extra 2 is the actual source of the picture.
  12. There is a pseudo secret ending in Sylvia's route. Personally, I want to smack the developers around some for this. I'm fine with the idea of adding extra content at the end of a game for a "perfect play through" as a reward, but there was absolutely no indication that the content had been added. Nobody would have had any reason to deliberately go back and look for that content. I only discovered it's existence by chance when I read somebody's comment while I was looking for technical help with a question on the fandisc. The unlock conditions are to have seen ALL five routes, inclu
  13. I have played all routes in Kinkoi Golden Time ( https://vndb.org/v24717, https://erogegames.com/downloads/eroge/kinkoi-golden-time-r2096/) and have filled in all CGs and H-Scenes in the Gallery, I have even unlocked the sprite viewer. However, the "movie" section of the gallery is still empty. Does anybody know what I am missing? Also, what ARE the "movies" (in a general sense please, avoid spoilers)?
  14. Outpost Omega J

    Kinkoi: Golden Time

    I found one of the "System Time Events". If you boot up the game today (November 23rd), the character Chieka pops up before you get to the title screen and makes a comment about today being "Great Big Brother Day", which I believe originates from a Japanese pun on how you can read today's date.
  15. To those who live in an area that celebrates the holiday, I would like to remind everybody that the holiday Thanks giving is coming up. Many people might not have heard of this holiday. That is entirely understandable. Santa Claus continues to unfairly encroach a little further on the rightful domain of the Thanks Giving Turkey every year. Some might wonder what the big deal is. I would point out that while Santa Claus gets his day every year, I have never met a Thanks Giving Turkey that has made two consecutive annual appearances and only has a single chance to shine in the spot l
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