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  1. I applaud your effort to be helpful (welcome to the site) but please double check the time stamp on the posts your responding to. That was March of 2020, not quite three years ago.
  2. Outpost Omega J

    Kinkoi: Golden Time

    I found one of the "System Time Events". If you boot up the game today (November 23rd), the character Chieka pops up before you get to the title screen and makes a comment about today being "Great Big Brother Day", which I believe originates from a Japanese pun on how you can read today's date.
  3. To those who live in an area that celebrates the holiday, I would like to remind everybody that the holiday Thanks giving is coming up. Many people might not have heard of this holiday. That is entirely understandable. Santa Claus continues to unfairly encroach a little further on the rightful domain of the Thanks Giving Turkey every year. Some might wonder what the big deal is. I would point out that while Santa Claus gets his day every year, I have never met a Thanks Giving Turkey that has made two consecutive annual appearances and only has a single chance to shine in the spot l
  4. Still hoping you'll upload this title eventually, but if you have made the decision not to do so, please let me know.
  5. Outpost Omega J

    Kinkoi: Golden Time

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! --------------------------------------- For the convenience of others, here is a link to the original VN that this title is the Fan Disc of:
  6. @Flame_Urie So I tried looking at the ryuugames.com website but I can't download anything from there. Everytime I try a download link, I just get a three second countdown and something about changing ouo.io to ouo.press which means absolutely nothing to me.
  7. Outpost Omega J

    Hot And Lovely 5

    Sorry for the late reply. I only just noticed your post. Yes it does work, but it is is ten "stages" of "memory" to unlock ten very simple animations. Steam charges $1.99 for this if you actually were to buy it rather than download it here and my opinion is they are over charging for it, badly. Each "stage" is twenty face down cards, two sets numbered 1 to 10 randomly placed. There is absolutely no variety between one stage and the others. There is no turn limit or any other sort of limit. You can keep flipping cards until you get it right (at least I never ran out of turns or got
  8. Since Ivan has gone on apparent hiatus (hopefully nothing has actually happened to him) does anybody have a decent*, non-torrent, source for these two VN's? Making * Lovers Fandisc Kin'iro Loveriche Fandisc *Definition of decent in this context: Website has been around long enough to have gained a reputation for delivering what they say they are and just coming within 50 miles of it doesn't give my anti-virus software conniption fits.
  9. Dude, you asked and I answered that question 2 almost 3 months ago. You're only NOW* checking back to see if anyone answered? *If you were in an accident or some other such scenario where you COULDN'T check back until now, I withdraw the complaint.
  10. FYI: Note the "*" around the title "Ren'ai x Royale" in the above list. That's how you can tell what title the picture comes from.
  11. I sincerely hope not, but that project has been VERY slow to advance in general. I'd be surprised if we see it completed before 2024.
  12. Requesting the Fan Disc of the VN "Making * Lovers".
  13. As the tag prefix I attached to the thread title indicates, I'm about to drop a major spoiler for the game "Scarlet Nexus". If you read on, do not say I didn't warn you. In the back story of the game Scarlet Nexus, not learned until you're several chapters in, it says that the earth's climate changed and became uninhabitable for human life, so humanity evacuated to the moon. This seems to be a rather weak excuse for why humans were living on the moon in the first place. If humanity could build livable environments on the moon, couldn't the same technology be used to build enclosed,
  14. Outpost Omega J

    Hot And Lovely 5

    Quoted from the game description above: Either a case of blatant false advertising, or the author of that description has lived the world's most boring life.
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