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  1. I'm glad to see proof of life on Gin'iro Haruka.
  2. Quoted from the vndb.org description for the VN "Anonymous Code: This blatantly fails the Suspension of Disbelieve test. No scientifically advanced nation cable of mounting orbital weapons worth the name would let such an obvious technological shortcoming cause such a catastrophe, let alone ALL of them. They would have patched this problem out of existences years if not decades in advance, or at the very least, issued a shut down/disarm command before the problem occurred.
  3. I'm about 2.5 routes through Walkure Romanze and it just occurred to me that I find the use of Japanese honorifics to be suspect in this instance, not just in the translation, but in the original Japanese version* as well. The setting is in a fictional (<-- I think) European city. Europeans would not be using Japanese honorifics. As such, the only time they potentially should be showing up in the dialogue is when either the protagonist or Akane are speaking as their characters are actually Japanese. Even then, the use of Japanese honorifics could still be viewed as suspect. Neither characte
  4. I can no longer access the Fuwanovel Forum thread for the Aiyoku No Eustia translation project. To date, i've just been following the link supplied on the vndb.org page (posted here for convenience: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/16982-aiyoku-no-eustia-translation-project/) but now I just get a "You do not have permission to view this topic" message. I tried approaching from the front door of the Fuwanovel website so-to-speak and can not even find it. Does anybody know what happened? Is the project even still live?
  5. I have the game, purchased from steam and patched from nekonyan, but I haven't played it yet. I've been busy with Walkure Romanze. I probably won't being switching to clover days anytime soon. Once I do start playing it, I will let you know if I encounter the problem.
  6. Just bumping this thread back above the spam bot activity. If there had been actual activity on this forum section, I wouldn't be doing this.
  7. First, general credit to forum member littleshogun for finding this link. I take credit for none of this, I'm only trying bring it to the general awareness of the forum members so that they don't miss this opportunity through ignorance. Here is a download link for the VN Walkure Romanze (vndb.org): https://www.mediafire.com/file/s6b3j8k0iglyquz/%5BRyuugames%5D_RY-r82348.rar/file The password to extract the .rar file is: ryuugames.com The link was functional as of August 20, 2023 5:00 PM EST which is when I downloaded it. The VN comes prepatched with the versio
  8. First, thank you littleshogun for that link. I've got the VN up and running. As an FYI to anyone else who uses that link to get that VN, although it comes pre-patched with the version that includes Japanese honorifics (the -sans, -kuns, and -samas at the end of names), I still recommend you download the actual patch file (link sourced from vndb.org). It has all the needed information and resources to apply the other version of the patch that utilizes pure 100% English. It also mentions that for people running Windows 10 and possibly 11 the need to replace a single file that is gene
  9. Does anybody know of a safe source for Walkure Romanze? As it's a fan translation and not an actual English release, It's not like I can just hop over to steam and shell out the cash, and Ivan doesn't seem likely to return anytime soon.
  10. I'm trolling the description as written on vndb.org for Blood Stained Flowers: How does one "force" a suicide out of another. Suicide the action of voluntarily taking one's own life. If it was not voluntarily self-inflicted, then it's murder.
  11. Ivan, the sites administrator, is taking an extended leave from the website. Any such changes are unlikely to happen anytime in the near future.
  12. I've been looking for reliable information on NekoNyan projects without success. Where are you getting your information on Nekonyan? Their website isn't posting anything that I could find and their twitter feed, excuse me, there "X" feed seems to have been royally ****ed by the transition and subsequently abandoned.
  13. @littleshogun FYI, I think you linked to the wrong vndb.org page for Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses. The link you used (as of when I wrote this), links to what I think is the first VN in the series. I think this is the link you actually wanted: https://vndb.org/v36663
  14. On the slight chance you aren't a spam bot, given that your comments actually seem to cognizant of the subject you are responding to, you do realize that this thread is only a few months shy of being a decade old since the last time anyone said anything? You need to pay attention to those little details, or your going to get your account deleted for being a spam bot.
  15. Ugh, ANOTHER cake shop setting VN with probably (who am I kidding, CERTAINLY) not quite legal heroines and a diabetes inducing sweet story line. Oh, and one of the heroines is named Chocolat because of COURSE she is. Can we get a little bit of variety and originality please? Oh, and heroines that aren't clearly 100% off limits in the age department? In case you have figured out which title I'm kvetching about: Sugar Sweet Temptation Also, aside from the WAY too young factor, I'm not actually saying there's anything wrong with the story premise, just that we reached mark
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