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  1. Does this mean it's ready for release and we will see it in the near future, or is there still more work to be done?
  2. And one more VN for the "Never should have been written" pile.
  3. A wild Togakushi Touko spotted wandering into Senren * Banka from Sabbat of the Witch! In the front, second character from the right. A reference picture for comparison found via a google search:
  4. In VN Senren * Banka, we have a possible sighting of the minor side character Kariya Wakana from Sabbat of the Witch, however, if it is her, her hair bob is on the wrong side of her head. Right most character on the screen, but near the center. One of the earliest posts in this thread near the top has a good picture of her for comparison purposes.
  5. Ivan, the sites administrator, does not normally upload non-translated VNs, and vndb.org does not indicate the existence of a translated version of Ane Yome Quartet. I wouldn't hold out hope to see this title here.
  6. Matched against your vndb.org link:
  7. I hereby announce the first announcement to be made in 8 years in the "Announcements and News" portion of the forum! Eight years ago today, the last activity in this section of the forum was made by forum member Noemi on May 5th, 2014, 6:10 AM EST:
  8. With respect to Oku-sama no Kaifukujutsu, maybe I'm missing a point here, but how can you have a "pure love route" with a married heroine when you aren't the husband?
  9. You do realize this topic is over a year old right? Also, not an android game.
  10. @littleshogun Um, for the title Gin'iro Haruka, did you mean to post "Mizuha's route 68/139 script files translated"? Last week, you posted "Mizuha's route 48/141 script files translated".
  11. Requesting "Doukyuusei Remake": https://vndb.org/v34136
  12. You should add another emoji to the "classic" section. It should be (substituting ";" for ":" so as not to trigger anything by accident) ;classic_meh; and produce Hawkins' avatar.
  13. The vndb.org link you provided for the VN "The Modest Handmaid's Sex Work ~I will be your partner in place of the young mistress~" does not lead to a vndb entry for that title. I'm reasonably certain this is the link you actually wanted: https://vndb.org/v25596 You dropped the "2" out of the link you provided.
  14. I wonder what literal word for word translation of this scene from the original Japanese would be and if the author/translator (depending on who is at fault for this line) realized the contradiction in what they said: The screen shot enclosed in the spoiler box DOES TECHNICALLY contain profanity, so reader beware, but it is really minor and appropriate to the overall scene. Besides, if you are truly offended by this line, you shouldn't be reading 18+ rated VNs anyways.
  15. Now that I look at the picture again there might be one more character from Riddle Joker making an appearance. Sitting across the table from Mibu Chisaki might be Arihara Nanami but the picture is even less clear than for Mibu.
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