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How do I remove the non-official content from Honey Select 2?

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I would like to semi-vanillafy Honey Select 2 ( https://erogegames.com/downloads/3d-game/honey-select-2-dx-r1413/ ). I'm okay with the system tweaks, like the cheat menu, but I want to get rid of non-official extra locations and non-official extra character creator content, like clothing and accessories. They don't always work as intended or as smoothly as the official content. For example, when I try to initiate a scene with two women in a lead up to a threesome at user created location, both women where occupying the same space, standing on top of one another. My guess is that who ever created that location didn't bother to set it up right for a second women to be present.


Does anybody know how to selectively remove said content?


Side Note: This is apparently the most evil post I will ever make on this forum, being the 666th post I've made.

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Once again thanks, but I just finally figure this out myself (I'm sensing the presence of some sadistic god having a laugh at my expense that your help is arriving just after I no longer really need it, probably the Anti-Software-Piracy God). The version provided by Ivan here from this site come with a bunch of user created, unofficial content already installed. Some of that content is not entirely well designed, and while not quite "broken", doesn't work smoothly with the game.


For anyone else who needs or just want this information, here's how to get rid of the extra content:


The outer most folder extracted from the .rar archives should be "HoneySelect2DXBR4.0.1", henceforth referred to as the root folder. In it is a folder called "mods". Inside the mods folder you will find a collection of three folders:

  • Sideloader Modpack
  • Sideloader Modpack - Exclusive HS2
  • Sideloader Modpack - Maps (HS2 Game)

Removing these three folders will more or less vanillafy your game of the extra maps and character creator content while leaving the system mods, such as the cheat menu accessed by pressing F12 intact. While you could delete these folders out right, I recommend just moving them to some temporary storage location so you can get them back with out have try to selective re-extract them from the .rar archives should you ever want to experiment with them later.


Note that the removal of the character creator content will "break" many of the user created pre-installed character cards. While this will not stop the game from running, you will get a whole bunch of warning messages every time you go near that content. I recommend moving them them to the same temporary storage location as the above folders so you can recover them later if you want. To do so, from the root folder, go to "UserData\chara\female". Anything that is not .png file found directly in the "female" folder and not the folder labeled "Illusion Sample Characters" is user created content that is almost certainly reliant on some of the content found in the three folder you removed earlier.


Doing all this should give you a basically vanillafied game.

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