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Im having dificulty to download games in parts

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When i download a game separately, i need to dowload all the parts before i play? Because i dowloded 2 parts of a game and when i try to extract file it doesnt show the game or sometimes i get an error message and i already changed my windons location. Can someone hep please?

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I'm not 100% certain what you are talking about, but if you are using the free download option, where you have to download multiple 500 MB .rar files, or for the older titles, multiple 200 MB .rar files, yes, you must download ALL the parts. Here's an example using the title HaremKingdom.



Using the free download option, this title has six parts, five 500 MB .rar files and the last file being an 365.8 MB .rar file. You must download ALL six files. Once you have downloaded them, make sure all six files are all in the same folder.


Next you need to use some sort of extraction software. I use winrar, the program associated with the origin of the .rar file format as far as I'm aware, which can be downloaded here: https://www.win-rar.com. I know of the existence of another program called 7-zip which in theory can do the same thing, but I don't know anything about that software beyond the fact it exists. You will have to ask somebody else about it.


Using winrar, open the part1 file, in this example, the file "HaremKindom.part1.rar". Instruct the winrar software to extract this file. It SHOULD see the fact it's part of a multi-file setup and automatically switch to files 2, 3, and onward as needed. The end result should be a folder containing the game.


Newer titles (dated from when they were added to this site, not the age of the game itself) usually are ready to play as is, just find the right .exe file to start the game. Older titles (again, date from when they were added to the site, not the actual age of the game itself) usually tend to come in form of disc image files, in the file formats of .iso, .mdx, or .mds/.mdf pairs. Those are a whole other can of worms to contend with.


Just as .pdf file can be though of as "digital paper", a disc image file can be though of as a "digital disc". You need special software to run it. My preferred option is DAEMON Tools Lite, available from https://www.daemon-tools.cc/home. Once you have DAEMON Tools Lite installed and properly setup, your computer will think it has an additional DVD drive with its own drive letter.


When you load a disc image file, the computer will think you have physically inserted an actual CD/DVD into the computer and react as appropriate. From there, it's just a matter of installing the game as you would if you actually had inserted a real disc into a real drive. One note, some of the games from that era required the disc to be in the drive in order to run. You will need to keep the disc image file loaded in DAEMON Tools to achieve the same result.


One final note, there is one title on this website that is an exception to the what I just described, the game "Uchikano: Living with my Girlfriend" (https://erogegames.com/downloads/eroge/uchikano-living-with-my-girlfriend-r1560/). When you download all the parts and use Winrar to extract them, the result neither the a game ready to play or a disc image, but an installer. When you run the .exe file, you will be asked to install the game. From there, its just like any other installation process. Install and enjoy.


As for when you are done with the game, for the newer titles that are ready to play as is, you just need to delete them to get rid of them. For those you actually installed from a disc image file, you will need to actually "uninstall" them when you are done to properly get rid of them.


I hope this answer your questions.

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