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Visual Novel Translation Status [07/11/2021]

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‡†~~VNs Translation Status~~†‡




The Updates will be in red so check them every Sunday








Aiyoku No Eustia - 100% translated and edited, 93.28% TLC, Eris's patch released

Akatsuki no Goei - Aya route patch released, all routes fully translated, four routes undergoing editing and QA

Akatsuki no Goei ~Principal-tachi no Kyuujitsu~ - Prologue and Reika After fully translated, Tae After being translated

Amagami - "Script translation and editing 100% done. Working on syncing up any missing text across versions."

Aonatsu Line - Project Started

Axanael - 30% translated

Chaos Head Noah - 100% translated, 20.31% TLC, 10.64% edited

Chicchakunai Mon - 83.9% translated, 6.5% first edit pass

Clearworld - Project Started

Fuukan no Grasesta - Announced

Gore Screaming Show - Prologue and Day 1 patch released, 21.79% [8144/37383] lines translated

Haruka na Sora - Sora route 9% translated

Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no - 36% (24794/68206) edited, translation stopped at 77% (52385/68206) translated

Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Shabondama Chuudoku no Joshu - 5609/19343 (28.9%) translated, 83/19343 (0.4%) edited

Junketsu Megami-Sama - Alpha patch 2 released

Konosora Snow Presents - 23% translated

Kud Wafter - All age version 24436/31579 (77.38%) lines translated

Lover Able - 98.64% translated, 97.95% edited

Mahoutsukai no Yoru - 100% translated, 82% TLC, 64.88% edited

Majikoi A-5 - Margit and Hound route patch released, Takae route 50% translated

Nagomibako Innocent Grey Fandisc - 100% translated, 41/138 script files edited

Nursery Rhyme - 100% translated and edited

Onee-chan no Yuuwaku - 60% translated, 30% edited

Pure x Connect - Prologue patch released, Moemi's route translated, 21886/43896 lines translated, 14267/43896 lines edited

Shin Koihime Musou - 100% (108888/108888) translated, 51% (55155/108888) edited

Snow - Common and Sumino route fully translated, Asahi and Ouka routes around 40-50% translated

Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi - Taken over by new group, 59% translated, 5% TLC, 2% edited

Summer Pockets Reflection Blue - 34142/34142 (100%) lines translated and edited, 60337/68918 (87.5%) original lines reworked
Taimanin Kurenai - 65% translated, 35% edited and proofreading

Walkure Romanze - Common route patch released

Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu - 100% (2265/2265) lines translated, 99% (2254/2265) lines translated, 30% (681/2265) in QA

White Album 2 - All parts are fully playtested, full translation patch release expected at November

Yosuga no Sora - Full translated text patch released, TLC and editing still ongoing



Erovoice! - 100% translated and edited

Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc - Announced

Horny Elves and a Moral Orc - November 18th release

Luckydog1 - Announced

Rance IX - 100% translated, 87.5% edited

Rance X - 34.5% translated and 3.5% edited

Seventh Lair - 100% translated and edited

Shiei no Sona-Nyl - 100% translated and edited, bonus content 100% translated, image editing underway

Trinoline Genesis - In testing

Secret Project 11 - 53% translated and 50% edited

Secret Project 12 - 100% translated and 75% edited



Django - Waiting on translation

Flowers Volume 4 - In translation

Katahane - Future release

Machine Child - Announced

Slow Damage - 100% translated, early 2022 release

Sumaga - Future release

*Yamizome Revenger* - Released



Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka - Announced

Amairo Chocolate 2 - 65% translated

Amatsutsumi - 100% edited, 75% in QA

Animal Trail – Girlish Square - 100% translated and edited, waiting on build

Chiisana Kanojo no Serenade - Announced

Gakkou no Seiiki - Announced

Glass - Announced

Harumade Kururu - Waiting on build

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi - Announced

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi AA - Announced

Hoshizora no Memoria (retranslation) - Build is currently going into QA

Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart - 100% translated and edited, programming work to begin soon

Imouto no Seiiki - 40% translated

Kanojo no Seiiki - Engine work in progress

Karakara 3 - 100% translated and edited

Kimagure Temptation - 100% in QA, waiting for Valve review

Ley-Line: Daybreak of Remnants Shadow - Undergoing another round of QA

Ley-Line: Flowers Falling in the Morning Mist - Undergoing first QA pass

Miko no Kanata - 100% translated and edited, awaiting engine work

NarKarma EngineA - Announced

Nekogami-sama to, Nanatsuboshi -Imouto no Ane- - Planning release

New Glass - Announced

QUALIA ~The Path of Promise~ - 100% translated and edited, waiting on build

Re;Lord Volume 2 - 100% in QA, waiting for Valve review

Re;Lord Volume 3 - 100% translated and edited

Rewrite+ - Kickstarter successful, 100% translated and edited, 50% in QA, Q4 2021 release

Rewrite Harvest Festa - 50% translated

Sanarara R - 100% translated and edited, waiting on build

Slobbish Dragon Princess 2 - 100% translated and edited, 75% in QA

Subete no Koi ni, Hanabata o. - 50% translated

Sumire - Announced

Tenshin Ranman - QA and engine work next, in "icebox"

Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru - 25% translated

Zutto Mae Kara Joshi Deshita - Announced



Aoi Tori - 75% translated and 25% edited, engine port to Unity in progress

Cafe Stella to Shinigami no Chou - 85% translated and edited, 10% in QA

Clover Days - 100% translated and edited, 5% in QA, engine port to Unity in progress, currently implementing e-mote integration

Dracu Riot - Engine port to Unity begin in the near future, going to update existing release into HD version

Fureraba Complete edition - Translation complete, mostly edited

Hello Lady - 100% translated and edited, Superior Entelecheia 65% in QA, engine work is pretty much finished

Hello Lady -New Division- - Translation and the editing completed, to be released alongside Hello Lady in Superior Entelecheia version

Kin'iro Loveriche -Golden Time- - 50% translated

Making * Lovers: Geki Icha After Story - 100% translated

Melty Moment - 75% translated

Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato - 100% translated and 98% edited, engine port to Unity in progress

Secret Project 1 - 100% translated, 75% edited

Secret Project 2 - 40% translated

Secret Project 3 - 75% translated



Dairoku: Ayakashimori - December 2nd release

Kimi wa Yukima ni Koinegau - 2022 release

Lover Pretend - 2022 release

Paradigm Paradox - 2022 release

Piofiore: Episodio 1926 - 2022 release

Variable Barricade - February 2022 release



AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative - Spring 2022 release

Aikagi - Autumn release

Chinkamo Twins - English version nearly completed

Cupid Parasite - Released

Doukyuusei Remake - Announced

Evenicle 2 - Extended demo released

Fault - Silence the Pedant - Demo released

Fault Milestone 2 - Side Below future release

Hakuchuumu no Aojashin - English release will be all age

Jiangshi x Taoshi - Episode 3 released

Kiminozo - In production for English release

Loopers - Announced

Monkeys - Announced

Muv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipse - 2021 release

Schwarzesmarken - Through Greenlight

Sharin no Kuni - Release delayed because of technical problem

Stealing a Monster Girl Harem - November 8th release

The Humbling of a Holy Maiden - Finishing up QA

Tokyo Onmyouji - 2021 release

Venus Blood Hypno - November 26th release

Venus Blood After Days Episode 5 - Kickstarter planned

Venus Blood After Days Episode 6 - Kickstarter planned

Venus Blood Dark Chronicle Episode 2 - Kickstarter planned

Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday - Release delayed due to ongoing site issues






New Projects This Week



Venus Blood After Days Episode 5

Venus Blood After Days Episode 6

Venus Blood Dark Chronicle Episode 2



Complete Project This Week



Cupid Parasite

Yamizome Revenger




That is all for this week!! Enjoy!!

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For the update that I didn't listed, there's Bishoujo Mangekyou 3 patch 'release'. I didn't list the former because the translator decided to share it to the fellow true fan of the illustrator through DM and therefore no download link (Sorry about that). Also while Sol Press here is just got banned from running the business thanks to them evading the tax instead of defunct, seeing that the stores did pull out Newton VN and you can't pay Sol Press because of said ban may as well treat them as defunct (Here's hoping that some companies will pick up the licenses, preferably Nekonyan or Shiravune).


PS - As for three new Venus Blood VNs that I listed, those are Venus Blood Frontier fandisc that was about to be localized by Ninetails and the plan is that they'll crowdfund (Kickstarter) all of it at mid to late November. Personally I prefer them to crowdfund either Ragnarok or Savior, but regardless of that good luck to them.

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