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    Haru, the main character, is about to complete an RPG. Just when he smashes up the final boss, the thunderbolt strikes his room… and there are game heroines in front of him…. They say they come to this world to catch the devil, who runs away from the game world. The heroines become happy to meet the hero of the game. But the heroines have to have sex with the hero to stay in this world. The heroines ask him to have sex with them and he accepts it. And his life turns out to look for the devil and teach them how to have sex….

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    1. Darkshinobi's Avatar
      Darkshinobi -
      Is this the full translation? 'Cause I noticed on JAST site that its still in preorder state.
    1. strom's Avatar
      strom -
      This VN was released by MangaGamer... Don't know what you are talking about unless it is the physical copy. JAST releases some physical copies of MangaGamer's digital release titles. So to answer your question, yes, this is the fully translated title.
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