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  1. Hey happy birthday dude i will always watch over you byebye <3

  2. Happy Birthday!~

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    Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday! ;3

  5. In the crack folder it usually has instructions. But, the easy way to do it is just copy the contents of the folder into the install directory of the game, overwriting whatever files you copies if needed. Then you play.
  6. I'm just surprised by all the red under JAST. About freaking time they updated their section. Of course, it will still take a 6 months to a year before we see any of it because that is how JAST rolls.
  7. Twins, eh... Maybe twincest in the end? One can only hope.
  8. Don't see what the big deal is. When does this thread not get off track for a few posts, and then get back on track. Calling it out isn't helping it get back on track any better. Considering it is still off track.
  9. Things needing walkthroughs is annoying for those types that seem to have 50+ choices, and like 10 different bad endings.... Hm.. Reminds me of F/SN. Now, I am not against something having walkthroughs, if it has things like multiple paths to follow, or gameplay elements. It is just the ones that seem to make using a walkthrough a necessity to even play. I like to play without having to look at the internet, or a book, or printed pages that take my focus away from the game. Sort of like trying to get 100% playthough in FF X-2 (yes, I did play it). My face was stuck more in the walkth
  10. That was the problem I had with Big Bang Age. The gameplay was needlessly complicated, so I gave up on it. Kamidori was fun for a while, then got repetitive. And by a while, I think I put over 100 hours into the game to get everything.
  11. Well, for the loli girls it seems to be that not mentioning age (if it is mentioned at all in the VN) is the best way to get around any potential problems like that. Considering some of the VNs that MG has released with girls that don't look anywhere close to 18 years of age... Well, best to just not mention it at all. Let the MG disclaimer do all the work. Similar to how the original played out. @TheRetroGoat One thing you can do to see how spoilers work is quote my post. You will see the spoiler tag code in there.
  12. Don't believe there is any rule on what type of photo may be shown. Considering what some people post at least... You can look into other threads that have picture posts to get an idea of what I mean if you haven't already. Also considering just what type of site this is. But, you could have SFW pics posted as you want, and NSFW in spoiler tags if you want. Don't think it will matter any way you do it.
  13. [insert witty response to Dark Age of VNs here.]
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