• Higurashi - Patches

    "Hide ugly UI" Patch:
    Extract these files to your higurashiwhentheycry folder. Be sure to set the right-click function to show menu instead of hide frame.

    Font hack
    This patch replaces ugly game font with nicer looking one.

    Music patches

    Mangagamersí release has fewer tracks than original release. They were too lazy or didnít have enough music, so they went and replaced VARIOUS tracks with the SAME track, in multiple occasions, which is just butchering the game. For example Rena and Mion donít have their own music themes in mangagamers release. This adds variety again to the soundtrack.
    Thereíre two patches, one that replaces the music with the Himatsubushi-hen soundtrack (the repack of chapters 1-4) and another that uses the music from the demo (so this version itís only up to chapter 1).
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