• Im Gonna Nurse You

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    Life in the medical world can be interesting. Shortly after finally attaining his dream of being a doctor, Shinobu Nakagawa is asked to transfer to St. Michaels Nursing School as a substitute teacher. Since the person asking him to make the transfer is Kaede Maioka, the first woman he ever fell in love with, how can he say no?

    The nursing school is full of young, beautiful nurses-in-training, complete with the cutest nurse outfits. Despite his desire to be a professional, Shinobu knows old feelings can be sparked back up with the hit of the switch Being not so professional.
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    1. phraetoria's Avatar
      phraetoria -
      hmm the download went smoothly but there is no H-scenes here.
      its just plain of teen romance. kinda boring thou....but still nice work
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