• I, Too, Saw Dreams Through Air

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    This is a fairy-tale type novel game in two parts, each part written independently -- one by Yuki, the other by Ritsu.

    The Caged Vagrant -Yuki's story- (branching)
    The story of an amnesiac who slowly comes to reconstruct the world through conversations with a very strange and special friend.

    Plumerai -Ritsu's story- (linear)
    The Plumerai, which stretches out from the sky like some gargantuan hand. And the countless number of birds who attack this cloud...

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    1. DrRage's Avatar
      DrRage -
      Could I ask someone who has experienced this one to weigh in on it? Is it worth downloading? Seems a bit unpopular/lonely due to lack of comments .....
    1. korewa2's Avatar
      korewa2 -
      Unpopular I think
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