• Jast USA Memorial Collection

    Relive three of the best Japanese love-sim games ever brought out for the English-speaking market, with the JAST USA Memorial Collection. A compilation of three of the best-selling games from JAST USA on one CD-ROM, you get Three Sisters’ Story, Season of the Sakura and Runaway City. All three games have been totally redesigned with a great new game engine that provides many new extras for bishoujo gaming fans.
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    1. Danku's Avatar
      Danku -
      Alas, I played all three in the early 90's. lol

      They are worth the look if you haven't played them. The writing is highly arousing, which is good considering the 2D ancientness of the graphic's. But for its time these were the state of the art in e-hentai. Glad you included them in your list. It shows refined tastes and knowledge of the genre.
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