• Next Knight Kuon's Chroncicles of Debauchery

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    If Kuon the knight uses her "power",captured princess Tia becomes obscene!?
    But if Kuon is defeated bad things happen too!

    Can Kuon rescue the princess without using her power?

    This RPG challenges you, as Kuon, to find a balance: use her power too much and Tia pays the price.
    The knight from the next nation has a choice to make!

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    1. Abigor22's Avatar
      Abigor22 -
      keep bringing more of this kind!!
    1. Uky's Avatar
      Uky -
      i like it....
    1. boladaoninja's Avatar
      boladaoninja -
      Not saved on the computer
    1. boladaoninja's Avatar
      boladaoninja -
      Game is not saved on the same computer saved in game
    1. lanim's Avatar
      lanim -
      Someone can help?
      What i must go in the basament? i thinked there was don inside but i don’t found him, how the story continue after this?
      Edit; I lose some times but found the bastard in the basament
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