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    Kingdom of Love

    Someone can help pls? i can not install the patch/fix "ko_106.exe" I have this error ”the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)”
  2. Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if someone could recommend a game (or more games, even better), with the following features: 1) Content about rape and virgin girls, all right even if this is only a small part of the contents 2) Game with multiple endings/route; do not like games that do not give some choice. 3)The game is acceptable of any type, (Visual Novel, RPG, Strategy, etc), but it must not be too difficult 4) If it is uncensored it is better, but if the game is good it is acceptable a slight censorship as well. Thanks in advance for the help :-)
  3. Someone can help? What i must go in the basament? i thinked there was don inside but i don’t found him, how the story continue after this? Edit; I lose some times but found the bastard in the basament
  4. There is a way for play with fullscreen?
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