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    Walkthrough / FAQ

    :: 0. Introduction ::

    This walkthrough/faq will explain how the game works and give a
    walkthrough of the common route and the three summer routes that
    lead into each girl's individual route.

    :: 1. How This Game Works ::

    1.1 - The Point System
    Period uses a point system. Some decisions add points to a
    character or characters. One decision subtracts points. Not all
    decisions affect points. At the end of the common route, your points
    will determine which version of the summer events you see. There are
    three versions - Asahi, Miyu, & Tsuzumi; Kohane, Aoi, & Koto; Rin &
    Yukina. You will spend the sumer mostly doing things with those girls.
    At the end of the summer route, you switch to the route of the girl
    you have the most points with for the rest of the game. The most
    important thing is getting into the summer arc of the girl you like
    because choices in the summer arcs are worth more points. If you
    save at the beginning of the summer arc, you can load that save to
    do the routes of the other girls in that arc. Even within the
    common route there are sometimes events that are different based
    on how many points you have with the different girls.

    1.2 - Asahi
    Before you can get Asahi's route, you must finish Miyu's and at
    least two other girls' routes. The first choice in Asahi's shared
    summer arc goes into Asahi's route, but it doesn't show up unless the
    conditions above are met. There aren't many opportunities to get
    points for Asahi, but if you get enough points for the other girls
    in the same summer arc (Miyu and Tsuzumi), you can get enough points
    during the summer arc to go into Asahi's route.

    1.3 - Koto
    Koto's route must be done last, after all the other girls' routes
    have been completed. Only then will her route become available.

    1.3 - Yukina
    Yukina does not have any prerequisites that must be completed before
    her route becomes available, but it is difficult to get because the
    common route only has one option that gives her points. There are
    two ways to open Yukina's route: 1. avoid getting any points for any
    other girls as often as possible (you will barely make it) or 2. get
    enough points for Rin to get to Rin & Yukina's summer, then only get
    points for Yukina during the summer (this way fits the story well).

    :: 2. Walkthrough ::

    2.1 - How the walkthrough is formatted
    The walkthrough will be divided into four sections: the common route
    and each of the summer sections. In each section, the answers for
    each choice will be given with points in parentheses. I will also
    put in the date so you can tell when choices happen. You may not
    see all of the choices below; some only show up if you made certain
    choices earlier, but it's usually obvious what to do. There will
    be some notes about choices that will lead to other choices.

    2.2 - Common Route

    7/5 Wednesday

    Her wish would be granted (Kohane+1)
    First, what about her skirt

    7/6 Thursday

    Take one with my hand
    Open my mouth (Miyu+1)

    A Fifty-Year History
    History and Progress
    White Dove Observatory

    7/7 Friday

    Accept (Tsuzumi+1)

    Nothing wrong with it, is there?
    Lesbians really are... (Aoi+1)

    Go to the rooftop (Miyu+1)
    Stay in the cafeteria

    Save her (Tsuzumi+1)
    Just keep an eye on her

    Open it (Tsuzumi+1)
    Just keep an eye on her

    Help (Rin+2)

    Think about it together (Tsuzumi+1)
    Just keep an eye on her

    7/10 Monday

    Take refuge in the library (leads to Rin choices)
    Escape to the infirmary (leads to a Kohane choice & an Aoi choice)
    Prepare for the worst

    Go someplace else
    Don't go (Rin+1)

    Romance (Rin+1)

    Lie on the spot (Kohane+1)

    Quietly leave her
    Tease her (Aoi+1)

    7/14 Friday

    Lately, she has looked depressed... (Miyu+1)
    Not really...

    Shopping Team (Miyu+1, Kohane+1, Rin+1) (leads to a Kohane choice)
    Classroom Prep Team (Asahi+1, Aoi+1) (leads to an Aoi choice)

    Yeah, I don't mind (Kohane+1)
    No, the time--

    Do it (Aoi+1)
    Don't do it

    Cooking Team (Miyu+1, Asahi+1)
    Decorating Team (Kohane+1, Aoi+1)

    Tell her
    Stay silent

    Like I could say something like that!
    Naturally it's you, Aoi! (Aoi+1)

    Because she seems bored
    The face
    I don't know (Rin+1)

    7/15 Saturday

    If I can do it with you (Yukina+3)
    I'll pass

    2.3 - Summer 1 (Asahi, Miyu, Tsuzumi)

    7/20 Thursday

    *The first choice will be automatically chosen for you if Asahi's
    route is not available yet.*
    Don't interfere (Asahi-100)
    Recommend that she help (Asahi+100)

    Go take a peek (Tsuzumi+5)
    Watch (Asahi+5, Miyu+5)

    7/23 Sunday

    I heard nothing
    Prick up my ears (Tsuzumi+10)

    2.4 - Summer 2 (Kohane, Aoi, Koto)

    7/20 Thursday

    A one-summer aventure
    The beach (Aoi+10)

    I see...
    I don't think you should worry, but... (Kohane+10)

    7/23 Sunday

    Wait in place of Sensei (Koto+10)
    Go change

    Glance at Aoi (Aoi+10)
    Peek at Kohane-chan (Kohane+10)
    Koto-sensei? (Koto+10)

    8/3 Thursday

    Go buy a crepe for Kohane
    ......? A hard look from Koto-sensei (Koto+5)

    2.5 - Summer 3 (Rin, Yukina)

    7/20 Thursday

    Rebuke her (Rin+10)
    Drive the point home (Yukina+10)

    7/30 Sunday

    I'll help even if it isn't a 'duty' (Rin+10)
    Accomplish it on your own! (Yukina+10)

    Form a common front with Rin (Rin+10)
    Carefully wait for my chance (Yukina+10)

    2.6 - Continuing After Summer

    After the summer arc, you will continue on to the route of the girl
    you have the most points with. Most have no choices, and the choices
    there are don't require a walkthrough.
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