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    The strangely-dressed girl on Hiroki Rikido’s doorstep she smiles at him innocently. “I’m a private nurse, and I am going to cure you!”

    Hiroki has always suffered from a disease which weakens him. He does no more than go to school and come home, accompanied by his childhood friend, Ayano, who loves to dote over him. He lives alone, quietly suffering and enduring his diseasae. But all this changes with the arrival of Maria, his very own private nurse. Hired by Hiroki’s mother, nurse Maria forces her way into Hiroki’s sheltered existence, promising to cure him for good. Unsure of what to make of this beautiful new intruder, Ayano watches with conflicting emotions from the sidelines.

    Just how is this strange nurse going to cure him? And in only a month’s time? The adventure begins….
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    1. Break's Avatar
      Break -
      Okay so i have just finished maria's arc its not awful.
      Maybe 10 or so translation errors that i managed to notice.
      H scenes are too common and repetitive.
      There is no auto play so prepare for ruining your wrists.
      The many and common cinemats are unskippable and slow it down even more.
      Wasn't too hard to get her ending not gonna even bother playing through again to see if there is a bad ending for her.
      Started reading the after diary thinking it would be about what happened after the main story with the heroines but its a more indepth look about what was happening with there story
      overall i'd say 4.5-5/10
    1. shizai's Avatar
      shizai -
      Hey Everyon I am an erorist and i know it
    1. zeromin0's Avatar
      zeromin0 -
      This NoveL ^Angel Studio^ is best ever novel i seen and story i like it. game is not easy to complete CG we need more patiently. this not novel main story in ending and opening only question mark here. Sound-'7.5' Cg-'8' Story-'8' game overal is unexpected '9.5' . the Cg art and animation sycronize - i want more like this ,is like i seen big movie in theater, Maria i miss u - i Love u .^ Good Recomendation ^ I want more like this
    1. rexxracecar1's Avatar
      rexxracecar1 -
      truly wonderful story however one route is quite sad.
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