• A Profile - Walkthrough

    A Profile game download
    To get all CG, choices with * infront should save and load after each choice

    Ask Miku
    save 2
    Answer Rizu's Feeling's
    Rizu True End

    Load 2
    We're Siblings
    Rizu End

    Load 1
    Miou's Fine
    Save 3
    I want to know
    Ask about the sickness
    Ask why she's in the hallway every morning
    Ask about her sister
    Save 4
    She'll have to try again a year from now
    Miku True End

    Load 4
    Believe in her anyway
    Miku End

    Load 3
    Keep my promise with Rizu
    Think about Miou some more
    Call him
    I want to stay with Miou
    Believe in Miou
    I'll believe in Miou no matter what
    Miou End
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