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  1. Hi Friends :-) after i play a few Black Lilith Games (I love the dark style) i need a eroge with focus an Relationship between a Mistress (Loli would be perfect) and me. Anyone ideas are welcome :-) Greets
  2. Thank you so much for this helpful hints :-)
  3. Hi awesome community :-) i'm new at this forum. First let me say i love this project. Thank you so much for your work. My absolute favorite Visual Novel are Bernd and the mystery of Unteralterbach and Monster girl Quest. At this time, i look for darker themes. Perhaps a Novell with the Main thought, "A life of a Stalker or Sexual Predator." But not RapeLay Style. I think a deep story concept of the brain of a sociopath, that would be very interesting. Thank you for the help Greets Huppard
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