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  1. It worked! This will be the final menu that I need help with. Thank you for all your translations so far! Dōmo arigatō!
  2. Thanks again for your help! One more question... should I save the game to the default folder location (what you see in the image) or change it to where I installed the rest of my files for the game? (disc image, script, BGI, etc.)
  3. Thank you for the translation! The third option, "Start game," does nothing for me at the moment. However, clicking the first option brings up this menu: I know that the option says "Uninstall," but could it actually be an installer/uninstaller? After mounting the disc image, I know that I have to run an installation to actually get the game, and since the option "Start game" is not working at the moment, could the first option be the installer? A translation of the text in the image would help greatly as well, presuming it is still within your realm of Japanese knowledge. Thank you for
  4. Hi, thanks for the translation! The third option, "Game start" does nothing for me at the moment. However, when I press the first option, this menu pops up: I have no clue what any of the text means! Is this still within your level of Japanese knowledge? Much appreciated!
  5. I have no clue what this menu is saying... if a kind soul would care to translate the menu for me, I would greatly appreciate his/her help.
  6. I can't read Japanese and have no clue what this set up menu is saying. Can anyone translate it for me? If not, any ideas how I can set up SubaHibi?
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