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  1. So like... I know I just recently started this group and all but if there are more ppl/users that join... I would like to request for some moderators to handle the group aswell. This is simply because I won't be able to be online here all the time due to work, etc. So having some moderators would help a great deal in the future. (if needed...) That's why if you feel like you want to help manage/moderate then please don't hold back and post here. Also make sure to write on why you want to aswell... (this is to prevent any "chaotic" issues... since there are some that would abuse their
  2. I actually have a spare copy of this game that I put into a rar archive which I uploaded here: Otoboku 2 Futari no Elder All you have to do is that once you have all part rar files downloaded put inside a new map and extract from part 1 and it will extract part 2 and 3 aswell. And then start up the OTOBOKU2.ISO & You'll get into a DVD folder where you want to run "otbk2.exe" and then you're done. ^-^ [btw.... DO NOT run/start the otbk2updater.exe file] This folder also includes a readme route information file. Aswell of some help screenshots of interface of what some buttons m
  3. (A = first choice & B = second choice) Kaoruko - BAAAABAB (Wedding END 七々原 薫子) Keiry - BAAAABB (Accounting/Business END ケイリ・グランセリウス) Kaori - ABBBAABB (Kaori END 神近 香織理) Utano - ABABBBAAB (Gozen END 哘 雅楽乃) Awayuki - ABAABAABAA (Reisei END 冷泉 淡雪) Fumi - BABABBBB (Watarai History END 渡會 史) Also the reason why I use A & B for choices is because the game isn't translated (meaning it's all in japanese pretty much, even the interface & menu) the japanese walkthrough can be found here.
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