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  1. Yup, that's what I'm planning to do. No time restrictions for downloading would cut down on time but it'd be rather redundant if DL speed is still capped.
  2. Wanted to ask if anyone in the forums has had experience with using the Premium account on downloadani.me? As a free user, my DL speed is capped at 250 kB/sec, does that get removed in Premium? Was your overall experience with using it good?
  3. I'd like to please request the latest NTR nukige from Mangagamer "Please Bang my Wife". I've searched everywhere (AS, 4chan, torrents) for a link but no with no luck so I'm hoping someone could upload their copy for Admin to crack and share with the rest of us? Either way, I'm waiting hopefully for the release. Happy fapping?
  4. Seconded, if Admin could please upload it I'd really appreciate it
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