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  1. Thanks, that is enough plot spoiling for me I will try to complete all endings...
  2. The VN are HUGE, so I only downloaded The Fruits of Grisaia. I hope that it would be good
  3. Thanks for the post, I will check them out nikuge... aka Fap VN with crap ton of H Scenes and sex talk... I don't like them, I don't want a ton of sex dialogs... and 99% of them repeating over and over with a moaning voice in the background. I don't like them, I like good story (as you have mentioned) and keeping the repetitive stuff as minimal as possible
  4. Hello! I have got extra data this month so I am planning to download some VNs. I would appreciate if anyone can point me to eroges with a lot of lewd things like... teasing, flashing or exhibitionism etc... Something with this "sexual thrill" element. Good story is bonus Thank you all for the help, I will try not to be picky! ^^
  5. Found a good one: Chichi Miko!! Currently playing it, so far so good Here is the link to the official translator if anyone wants to download (it's portable!)
  6. Not be against the site but I always try to find good torrents on the web before downloading from downloadami
  7. Is that you trying to hug me or is it you turned into a zombie?
  8. I have updated my first post... one major thing I added is: Can anyone recommend me some good novels? Need something interesting to play before I get to the old ones on the waiting list...
  9. Hmm,... Yeah, I have all of the games on the waiting list, I will try downloading the games on the waiting list and some other eroges I have found on the web. In this meanwhile, can anyone recommend me something which contains downblouse, nipslip or such as "oops"/"eechi" moments? I would love to have a look at them P.S Its been a while, happy late new year!
  10. That's like 100 segments and I have to wait for more than 2 minutes for the download to start... Too much work for me -_-
  11. 3 Thanks for trying though, I will post any if available
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