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    Bust a move

    Advance war - any

    Fire emblem

    Dragon Quest IX

    Castlevania Order of Eclessia

    Devil Survivor 1& 2



    I lost my DS but i still play these from time to time with Drastic Emulator on my smartphone. Runs and looks better then on a DS. And a hell of a lot more enjoyable then most smartphone crap games.

  2. Best to use a guide, google it, game has only one good ending and it's hard to obtain. Dev is a sadist.


    Don't rape her, treat her well and feed her every day, cheesecake i think it was. Also cum inside her every night once you warmed her up to you. (optional)


    To get drugs you need to have gotten the market scene with the sicko who sold her to you in the first place. Other herbs you get by exploring the forest, if i remember correctly.

  3. Emotional investment & personal maturity.


    The difference between a well written character that you care for compared to a quick fap to satiate your dark desires.


    Reading VN's like Euphoria didn't even faze me, it only freaked me out because the story kept getting weirder and weirder. Only the scartporn and enema's weren't my thing.

  4. http://static.gamespot.com/uploads/original/1179/11799911/2431951-pillars.jpg







  5. I learned the value of (hardly)work and consequence. Failed an entire semester of classes, thought I knew everything, procrastinated until past due dates, didn't even get out of bed most days. I've had a taste of what failure is like and let me tell you it burns your conscience.

    Some work well under pressure, I only work under pressure. Some learn the easy way, I only learn the hard way.


    Could have been describing me 2-3 years ago. Stopped college because i was a lazy ass and bummed of my parents. Almost never did any assignments on time and skipped exams just because.


    After that i got a job, moved out, started taking evening classes for a degree as a network engineer (which i'm almost done with hurray) and recently got a new girlfriend. :)

  6. W:OW when i started this thread i NEVER thought it would get over 20000 views and have 461 posts.

    my Internet got cut off about a year ago and i just got it back on a couple of weeks ago and i thought to myself i wonder how erogedownloads forum was going because i only got to see it when it first started. So than i wondered out of all the threads that i started which one was most successful and it was THIS one. WHY why..... all it was ,was a heads up about it's release and yet it received 20000 views and 461 posts. Out of all my threads i thought this was going to be the least successful. I mean i created threads that a lot of eroge players would wonder about like mangagamer VS jast usa to see which one was better or threads where people can share there story like how did you end up in the world of eroge is this thread really better and why?


    Hi there erogeking, glad to see you again, as a matter of fact this is my first new comment in months aswell.


    Been to busy with life, work , even have a new gf right now so i can't lurk these forums all day anymore :p


    Even with all that i still like reading a good VN when i have the time, to bad my backlog is insanely huge atm :p


    Currently playing agarest on steam :D

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