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  1. Best to use Jdownloader or a similar tool in order to bulk dll files here.
  2. CHRONO TRIGGER 999 Pokemon Bust a move Advance war - any Fire emblem Dragon Quest IX Castlevania Order of Eclessia Devil Survivor 1& 2 I lost my DS but i still play these from time to time with Drastic Emulator on my smartphone. Runs and looks better then on a DS. And a hell of a lot more enjoyable then most smartphone crap games.
  3. Best to use a guide, google it, game has only one good ending and it's hard to obtain. Dev is a sadist. Don't rape her, treat her well and feed her every day, cheesecake i think it was. Also cum inside her every night once you warmed her up to you. (optional) To get drugs you need to have gotten the market scene with the sicko who sold her to you in the first place. Other herbs you get by exploring the forest, if i remember correctly.
  4. Emotional investment & personal maturity. The difference between a well written character that you care for compared to a quick fap to satiate your dark desires. Reading VN's like Euphoria didn't even faze me, it only freaked me out because the story kept getting weirder and weirder. Only the scartporn and enema's weren't my thing.
  5. Welcome all new degenerates, you'll fit right in here!
  6. Much has changed since this thread was first made. VN's def are more popular and have an extremely large visibility now (steam). It's only bad if you like to buy eroge's really. Still i think we'll always have dedicated fan translators, for all the non all ages stuff.
  7. How is the translation compared to the first english "release"? Couldn't care less about the H scenes in G senjou, they are garbage anyways.
  8. Hi there ulti I tend to visit again once every few months.
  9. Shit like this is why i will stay on Windows 7 until support runs out in 2020. Tried compatibility mode or what's it called in Spyware 10?
  10. Stardew Valley : it's better then crack, great game and it has huuuuge potential esp. with mod support. Chivalry MW: never stopped playing since release Total War Atilla
  11. Gate season 2.. although i rather just read the manga if it was up to date. There are very few recent anime's that interest me at all.
  12. Ye.. not doing the silly numbers game. TRUTH ask me these questions three, ere the other side you see!
  13. Mmmm Yume Miru Kusuri maybe... i'll never forgot that one, had such a great impact on me back in the day. My other top 10: Bible Black (my first VN) Clannad Ever 17 Never 7 Koihime Musou Monster girl quest 1 + 2 +3 Sengoku Rance Sharin no kuni Stein's Gate Utawaremono
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