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  1. I think i do it right i've already synthesize the medicine that needed "New fever drug" but after that, Rosanna or Elf chief didn't show up even i make all medicine that i have on the recipe but nothing happened
  2. Thank you for ur Respond I just need an append for the game because i got stucked on a Chapter 8 Mission "Mass Produce Medicine" in seralwi route i was read on the forum, they said it's a Bug so i must install the older ver patch
  3. Guys, Do you know where to Download All Kamidori Append Disc ?? Please Help me
  4. could anyone give me a link download for this game??
  5. Hello guys can you give me link Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Lily Platinum & Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu thank you before
  6. anyone know link download for this game?? please Help me
  7. Guys, do you know where's to get Rance quest english Patch ??
  8. thank you everyone for your help
  9. anybody knows original Rance quest installer link download? i've already download in sukebei but what i've got is just updater .. not main installer game ...or am i wrong to run it ?? this file that i download NyaaTorrents >> Torrent Information >> [120224] [ALICESOFT] ???????? ???? + Manual | Anime, manga, and music - Just say the word please help me
  10. Thank you Desi-san for your help :)

  11. I've never installed or played the game, so i'm not 100% sure. Try to follow these steps here - FAQ - Kamidori Wiki. Make sure you apply the regular patch before the english patch.

  12. Desi-san can you help me ..

    i've installed Kamidori Achemist and then installed the patch ( too but when i install "Kamidori english 1.0" and start to searhing file but in the end a message showed "SOFTWARE NOT FOUND the full install of kamidori was not located on your system.please make sure you've installed kamidori and ALL THREE append disks" what does the message meant ?? the game still used japan language .. how to change to english language??

  13. did you mean no english translation? emm unfortunately but even no english translation yet, no problem cause i can play and learn japan language at the same time XD lol
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