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    Brave Soul

    Most people probably have played this game by now since it's older, but I'm going to review it anyway. This is such a refreshing game to play. Most eroge games have the simple format of reading blocks of text with a picture in the background and making the occasional choice. This one emphasizes game play. It plays like Legend of Zelda mixed with a little Final Fantasy. the leveling and inventory systems are excellent, especially for an eroge game with gameplay. The party members all help, not all are terribly interesting but you can't get that from everything. And then you get bonus content wh
  2. chaosineffect

    Bible Black

    I loved this game. Great art, great scenes, interesting character development. What's not to like? I think the only thing negative I can say about it is that it kinda dragged in certain parts. And that can pretty much be said in a lot of games.
  3. It's really not all that impressive. It has an fairly interesting story, and does have gameplay. But the gameplay suffers for it being a card game. It kinda takes you out of story. I don't think it would be so bad if you could build your own deck, but you just get random cards drawn. It's so close to being a really really good game. It has great art, a great concept, and the story is halfway decent. I just think the game mechanics put a pretty glaring flaw in an otherwise really good game. They kinda take you out of hte story and make you focus on unimportant parts more than you need to.
  4. chaosineffect

    True Love

    Oh, wow, this game takes me back. I think this may have been the game that got me into the VN scene. So many choices...this was really well done back in the day. And it's still stands the test of time, if only a little dated.
  5. It really wouldn't be so bad, because there's at least some actual game play, but there's no way to heal after any mission. you just go into the next mission with the same amount of health. I dunno, maybe I'm just missing something about it but I got bored with this one too.
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