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  1. Thanks for your reply. I checked the list and noted Eroi, Kawakabury no cherry, school days HQ, Viper M1 and Viper V16 are all available from this site, so I will check those next. I guess also Summer Day might be in this category too since it is a prequel to school days.
  2. Hi all, First of all, thanks to the person running this site - it is an awesome job which has been done. I just completed Ningen Debris ~Konna Jibun ni Dare ga Shita? And this VN from 2010 features nice animation, which is something I did not see for other VN yet (did not play that much of them, but I did start a long time ago with Yuno on Sega Saturn ) Anybody who can link me other title which does the same ? (possibly available on this site too) Thanks in advance !
  3. Game worked for me with the fixed.exe from moof (thanks !). I like the game - good atmosphere and fun to me. I managed 1 ending and the whole time it was translated so, 80% is not too bad
  4. Nono

    Itaike na Kanojo

    Another game that install flawlessly on windows 7 64 bit. However I quickly de-installed it :-p Definitely not my type of hentai. Did not like the art / style, nor the "spirit" of it. But some might find it interesting (I would still be curious to read a review from someone who completed it).
  5. Nono

    The God of Death

    Downloaded this game and installed on Windows 7 64 bit without trouble. The game however is tedious in Japanese, and without a very good walk through, none speaker will have a very hard time to enjoy this game in my opinion (at least I did not enjoy it and stopped after about 1h). I also did not really like the art/style, and the hentai was nothing special during the first hour (but that can't be taken has a rating since I did not complete the game, and 1h is surely a too little sample to rate).
  6. I downloaded this game and completed 100% (took something like 4 hours). Installed on Windows 7 64 bit without issues. I really liked the art. The hentai is mostly animated which is nice (if someone can recommend me other VN which such feature, thanks in advance). While the game is in Japanese, it can be completed to 100% without difficulty. CTRL can be used to speed up text for the new areas (helped me to complete 100% after 3 hours, it was taking too long ). I hope someone will pick this up for translation. It is definitely not a VN for all (mostly unhappy, sad and hard stuff). You nee
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