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  1. I haven't heard of the Battle Goddess series before, what is that about? Try not to tell me too much, or I might go mad waiting for those games to get translated.
  2. Blasphemer! Seriously though, there were some points in which I got bored as well, some of the battles for starters. But story-wise it was enjoyable, and I liked most of the characters they introduced. (Well, I only played Yulia's storyline, so that might change.)
  3. I know, the game sounds like it would be fun. Hell, if I could read and understand Japanese I would just play the RAW version. But for now, I guess I can finish all the paths in Kamidori and hope that someone picks up Himegari Dungeon Meister to translate...
  4. I still haven't played Stein's;Gate, but I heard good things about it. As for Hoshizora, I will download it...someday but there are like...16? 17? files you have to download and I'm to lazy to do that at the moment. (Plus I heard some crap about an April Fool's joke that's a bit of a bitch to fix, so I'm hoping that the translators release a new patch for it too.) I haven't heard about Sharin no Kuni though. Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. I'm guessing that they are also the one that translated Kamidor Alchemy Meister? (Sorry, I'm a bit out of the loop with the whole "whose translating which games" and all that. -_-) But yeah, let's hope so.
  6. Thanks for the list! And lets hope that someone picks up one of Eushully's other games.
  7. I heard that Kamidori Alchemy Meister is a sequel (well sort of) to a game called Princess Hunting Dungeon Master (or something along those lines.) and you play a demon lord stuck in a human body. I heard it was just as good as Alchemy Meister, but I can't find a translated version (or if it's translated at all) And I also wonder if Eushully made any other games. (Which are hopefully translated to English.)
  8. I haven't played Edelweiss yet, and I heard of Majikoi but I haven't downloaded it yet because the translation was not a 100% complete yet. But I guess I could give both a try, thanks for the suggestions!
  9. And thanks for this link too.
  10. Thanks for the link, I've been wondering how everyone was finding out about the progress of game translations.
  11. Hey everyone, I know that the Rance games are being translated, Rance Quest and some of the older games I believe, as well as Daiteikoku. But are any other Alisoft games being translated? According to the Alicesoft wikia a game called Shaman's Sanctuary has been released, and it looks pretty good. But I don't know if it is being translated. And does anyone know how far along the Rance Quest translation is?
  12. @Haika, Tears to Tiara was suggested to me before, but I forgot about it. So thanks for bringing it up again, I'll give it a shot. @Arco and Haika, I already played Koihime Musou, and it was a very enjoyable game! @Arco, it's a shame that your official recommendations didn't work out, but it is a bit difficult to work out how to reccomend games, as everyone has different tastes. But it's still a good idea. @whitexshadow, thanks for the suggestions, I heard of Clannad before but I haven't played it yet. As for the other suggestions, I haven't heard of them but they'll be worth ch
  13. I'm starting to wonder if I posted this in the wrong section of the forums....
  14. I knew I forgot to mention one game I played. >. But yeah, I really liked the Monstergirl Quest game, and I can't wait for the 100% English Patch either.
  15. Monster Girl Quest 2. (Not playing it until the full english patch.) And the newest Rance game. Most of the time I just download the newest game and give it a shot.
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